Do you want a 5 star hotel or a 5 billion star camp
Rajasthan tourist places

Ever missed sleeping under the starry skies? or Ever craved for a camping in a breezy night with a billion of stars twinkling for you for a whole night?

Come at Sambhar Lake (a salt lake), near Jaipur to have a lifetime experience of Stargazing. And if you are lucky enough then you might see a meteor shower as well. This place is just 80 km’s. from Jaipur and has a biggest salt producing lake in Rajasthan.

This place is abundant with picturesque beauties and you will find a vast empty land full of desert sand and white salt. It just looks like an empty canvas where you can add your own colors of adventure. The lake is located around 22 km from the Sambhar town. The whole area of the lake is spread over v the length and breadth of 45 km. Travelers can choose to come in the evening and camp in the night. A temple of the Goddess ‘Shakambhari Mata’ welcomes you at the start of the lake and this is exactly where you can descend down to the vast spread of dried and parched area of the lake.

The whole parched region has no vegetation and you can clearly see the horizon to the extent of 360 degree which is a picture perfect scene with the small hills and flickering lights in the night. A cool breeze in the night and a night spent under the starry nights along with a camp fire is one cherishing memory that no-one wants to avoid.

Rajasthan tour at Motorcycle

Itinerary: Cycle tour and Motorbike tour starts from Jaipur and it takes you through all the countryside roads which are welcoming sign in the state of Rajasthan. Started in Jaipur, we proceed through the country roads of some towns like Kalwaar, Jobner, Phulera and lastly at Sambhar.

Then, at Sambhar, we have a Horse riding tour planned for some 20 km before the lake. Horse riding is an another kind of adventure which gives guests a graceful and a stud-style of exploring.

Horse Safari in Rajasthan India

Horse Power: A special breed of horses called ‘Marwari’ horses are reared and used in safaris. This breed is considered to be equipped with all the royal qualities like power, grace, beauty, built and their canter which give them a distinctive identity and their riders as well.

The possibilities of adventure and touring are huge. Be it a Cycle tour, be it a Motorbike tour or be it a Horse riding.. you just name it and we have it all for you. We, at Le Tour de India, provide you all those possibilities with a great zeal.


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