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Horse Icon The Kalwar Sāmbhar Equestrian Safari (Day Excursion)

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle ~ Winston Churchill
The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. ~Sharon Ralls Lemon

Horse Icon The Marwari Horses

Marwari horses specially known for their uniquely inward ears have been bred by the Rathore clan in the medieval period. The Marwari horses are known to be an extremely brave and courageous breed of horses. It is believed that a Marwari horse will leave the battlefield in only three conditions; either in victory, death or carrying the wounded master on its back out of the battle field.

Horse Icon The Safari

Adventure the rider gets to ride on untraveled trails through the low lying Aravali range to the shallow wetlands of the Sāmbhar Lake.
Cultural Exploration we ride through the royal Kalwar region crossing the villages exploring local customs and their practices.
Learning Experience the ride begins with a short instructive training session where the ride captain helps the fellow riders to get accustomed with the terrain and make a bond with their respective horses.

9 am

Ride to Sāmbhar Lake (30km)

Following the Captain we start riding towards the Sāmbhar Lake through hidden trails and country side. The Sāmbhar Lake is a massive brine wetland also known as Shekhambhari Jheel. It is locally believed that the salt lake was bestowed by the goddess Shekhambhari to the area when their ancestors were running out of resources.

1 pm

Sāmbhar Lake

Upon reaching the lake we get a chance to interact with the locals visit their markets and learn about their customs and practices. Sāmbhar; the dry sea with no shores is in itself an experience the vast nothingness everywhere the naked eye can see is a sight that is a sight that gets you closer to your inner self. We bid farewell to our lovely horses and kiss goodbye to the the magnificent Sāmbhar as we drive towards the next destination Fort Sawarda palace.

2 pm

Fort Sawarda Palace

After driving through some of the most beautiful country roads we reach the lovely town of Sawarda. A former principality ruled by the royal family of fort Sawarda Palace. The warm hospitality of the host is bound to swipe you off your feet. We take our lunch inside the palace and soak in the centuries of valued heritage of the palace and its premises.

3 pm

Sawarda Village

We take a short guided walk through the colorful and vibrant markets of the village. We visit the highly respected Sikh temple also known as “Gurudwara”(Our Guru’s Abode). In the markets we interact with the villagers and especially the children who are very excited to get their pictures taken.

4 pm

Drive to Jaipur

We end our journey with some excellent memories and some retrospect of the glorious Rajasthani heritage and culture. As we end our journey here we part ways as the riders will get a souvenir as a parting gift to always remind you of this colorful journey.

As the lovely time spent with Marwari horses , we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Rajasthan memoirs.

Horse IconInclusions:
  1. We cover a distance of 30km on the horses through some unexplored trails accompanied by a back up vehicle with a medical kit.
  2. Refreshments are served during the course o the ride, at stop near canal or an open field which also gives the rider a feeling of riding like a Maharaja.
  3. Buffet lunch and High-Tea prepared at the royal kitchen at the Imperial Farms.
  4. We provide western riding hats although we shall recommend that you carry your own favorite riding gear.
  5. High quality English tack and saddlery is used.
  6. We provide refreshments en-route, which are mostly sandwiches and energy drinks. Although if a rider has any other preferences we are to be informed at least a day in advance.
Horse IconTerms and Conditions- :
  1.  Booking is subject to availability.
  2.  Minimum 02 Persons required to confirm the booking.
  3. Should be at least 21 years of age,
  4. Please inform us at least 7days before the scheduled departure date.
  5. Please note Transfers from hotel to start and end point is not included in above cost
  6. Indemnity Bond is must be filed by all participants.
  7. Basic riding ability is necessary for our programs. Guests should be comfortable putting the horse through its paces.
  8. The transfer to the stud farm to and from Jaipur does not include the cost of the package.
  9. The cost of the package does not include any accidental insurance and the organizers are not liable for any injury or accident happened during the course of the ride. We strongly recommend past riding experience.

Horse IconPackage Cost – On request basis, Please contact us.