Amer Bicycle Tour

A bicycle trip to have a close look at Amber fort Amber Fort is the best example of Jaipur’s magnificent architecture and sturdy forts. Certainly a bicycle trip around the Amber fort is the perfect way to start your day in the city of Jaipur. Furthermore, we offer you the most rewarding tour with the help of our highly experienced tour guides.  They are a pro when it comes to exploring the city on a cycle. The tour will start just opposite the Jalmahal and after multiple halts and site visits; it will end at the Anokhi Museum. Jal Mahal, literally meaning Water Palace is a rest house with a majestic view built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in the eighteenth century. The Jalmahal is surrounded by a lake called Mansagar. In the days of yore, it was an appropriate place for the royal caravan to rest, and refresh themselves after long expeditions. Moreover,  the palace proudly albeit benevolently overlooks the lake. Surprisingly the lake is the favourite place for migratory birds and in the morning. It is at the peak of its beauty in the morning with its tranquil waters coupled with pleasant chirping of colourful birds. Highlights: Jal Mahal Palace Hiking on the mountain Get a birds-eye view of the city Experience the wonderful regal architecture Discover an amazing blend of nature and culture.
3 Hours
Amer Fort, Old City Culture, Photography
Antiquity of Rajasthan on Motorcycles

Antiquity of Rajasthan on Motorcycles

We travel to this historic land on our Royal Enfield Bullet 350 motorcycles which are in it a milestone in motorcycle diaries on this Multi day motorcycle excursion.
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Classic Rajasthan on Cycle

Explore the Classic Rajasthan on bicycles, riding through some of the most beautiful country roads in India. An eight day cycling Expedition where you ride your bicycle through unexplored and some of the most scenic routes in the Rajasthani Countryside.

Heritage Rajasthan on Cycle

Ride through some of the most classical and historical cities and towns of Rajasthan. Meet and interact with different communities and distinct artisans that helped preserve this glorious culture. historical heritage, historical tour
Udaipur walking Tour

Heritage Walk of Udaipur

Introducing you to the best places to visit in Udaipur is something we would love to do being a part of this peaceful city. Falling in love with its heritage beauty, ancient architecture and simplicity will make you realize why it is the best tourist place in India. When imagining about the things to do in Udaipur, there is a lot that this city can offer to a traveler.  Certainly, you need to explore every minute of this 3-hour Udaipur Walking Tour which is beautifully handcrafted. There are two-time slots for this tour:  10 AM to 1 PM & 4 PM to 7 PM every day.   Highlights Wanderlusts –Despite living in a fast modern world, this heritage walking tour lets you appreciate the slow and comfortable lifestyle of Udaipur. We reach to a small-scale enterprise, Women Laghu Udyog which is determinedly run by various women. They deal in a variety of work like making and selling pickle, papadom, some local delicacies like khakra , fapda etc. Another highlight of this lake city is the women-dominated vegetable market. The best part is that these women carry their attractive smile even after doing such heavy work. Art & Craft lovers –We visit a famous miniature painting artist, Shanti Lal Ji  in the old city of Udaipur. Appreciating his beautiful artworks and learning the art of miniature painting is indeed a treat for art & craft lovers. Slow Travelers – Slow traveling is the best way to discover the insights and the essence of a place. Therefore, we make a visit to an array of markets in the old city of Udaipur. It includes tinkers market, jewelry market, potters market, etc. We get to know about the city’s inherent art & craft when we interact with the artisans. Nature & Photography lovers – Udaipur rightfully claims the title of one of the most romantic cities of the world. While we cross the narrow lanes of old city, we catch its aesthetic beauty. Thereafter, we proceed to look at the must visit places of Udaipur which are the Ghats of Udaipur such as Navghat, Gangore Ghat and Ambrai Ghat. Food lovers – To complete this Walking Tour of Udaipur, one must taste the local food of India i.e. Kachori & Samosa. We taste these deep-fried spicy snacks at one of the famous food joints of Udaipur. Moreover, to settle the spices, we try Mawa Mithai (sweet made of condensed milk) from a popular sweet shop. We strongly believe the fact that every traveler has different interest and orientation, we understand requirements and love to customize itineraries to meet guest's expectations. Please write us if you want to customize the walk in your way.
3 Hours
Architecture, Heritage, Old City Culture
jaipur by night

Jaipur By Night Walk

Jaipur By Night Walk Jaipur looks delightful in daylight but also becomes sparkling and ravishing at the night. The pink-tinted walls, monuments and corridors become more illuminating and give us a blissful scenery of the Walled City of Jaipur. Jaipur By Night Walk has a special itinerary to discover more about the Old City, lifestyle, and markets and taste the delicious cuisine of Jaipur. We start half an hour ago the sunset and explore the old city by walking through the streets and narrow footpaths. We admire the beautifully lit buildings of the heritage city, dazzling Hawa Mahal, and Katla Market. This market is Jaipur’s largest wholesale hub for wedding shopping. Most importantly, taste the Street Food in Jaipur City,  together with a panoramic view of the city from the rooftop Havelis in Jaipur. Certainly, it gives you the best photography opportunity to capture your most cherished moments. Also, it allows you to take back a souvenir to share your Jaipur memoirs with your friends back home. We also have an extended version* of Jaipur By Night to shape your Jaipur experience better. You can have dinner with a local family in the old city. You will be spellbound by the hospitality, warmth and affection. Experience the real meaning of Atithi-Devo-Bhava ("The guest is God"). *This is optional and not included in the cost. Things To Do during Jaipur At Night Tour For food lovers: Walk to some of the most sought-after and highly acclaimed food joints. Taste the most acclaimed Indian Tea and Indian Fritters/Pakora from the outlets which are famous for their inherent art of preparing food.  Home for Aesthetic Architecture: A delightful sight for people who have a keen interest in architectural designs and buildings. The Old City posses many Havelis which are stood still for so many years and are visually distinctive.  E-Rickshaw Ride: An initiative for creating a sustainable environment, battery-operated rickshaws are very popular in India. They are quiet, fast and the most economical ride. When the gentle breeze caresses your hair and you can see everything happening around it is the most delightful experience.  
3 Hours

Jaipur Horse Riding Adventure

Jaipur Horse Riding Adventure is Get a chance to understand the fantastic countryside, tiny hamlets, and the vast ecology of the Aravalis and the vibrant culture of this area. An opportunity to ride in this unique Aravalli trails which are some of the ancient routes that behold stories from the bygone era of kings.
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per person
4 Hours
Canter, Culture, Marwadi Horses

Jaipur Pushkar Motorcycle Tour 1N2D

Pushkar Camel Fair 2017 Motorcycle Trip visiting The Dry Sambhar Lake,crossing villages through The Amazing Aravali Mountains.
Multi Day Trips
Culture, Hiking, Local Food, Pushkar Walk

Jaipur Sambhar Sawarda Motorcycle Tour

A Ride from Jaipur to Sambhar Sawarda on Royal Enfield. Experience a journey that is Rajasthan, not just a piece of land with manmade boundaries and a political map.
Full Day
Culture, Riding in the Dry Lake, Village Visit

Jaipur Sariska Motorcycle Tour1N2D

An ultimate motorcycle experience on shining Royal Enfield motorcycles across the Aravalli Range through the historic city of Nayla and majestic grasslands of the Jamwa Valley. Scale the valleys full throttle into various switchbacks and gravel roads reach the forests of Bhangarh and Sariska.
Multi Day Trips
Culture, Jeep Safari, Village Visit, Wildlife

Jaipur Village Visit (Volunteering for Animal Care)

This day trip is a colorful way to discover Incredible India. A day of hearty labor at the Gaushala that gives you a feeling of accomplishment when one relishes the fruit of their own labor.
6 Hours
Community Kitchen, Cross Culture, Village Visit

Kalwar Sambhar Horse Safari

Adventure the rider gets to ride on untraveled trails through the low lying Aravali range to the shallow wetlands of the Sāmbhar Lake.
Multi Day Trips
Culture, Marwadi Horses, Village Walk and Stay