Heritage Rajasthan on Motorcycles 15 Nights |16 Days

What do we leave behind when we cross each frontier?
Each moment seems split in two, melancholy of what’s left behind and the excitement of entering a new land.
~Che Guevara


India is the land of forts and mansions but nowhere else you find history, culture and architecture in a symphony as it is in Rajasthan. Welcome to the land of Kings and Maharajas the brave chivalrous warriors. Glorious forts, palaces and the stunningly peaceful desert sand dunes. The fairy-tale like history of this bygone era kept young through the colorful culture of this land.

Antiquity of Rajasthan on Motorcycles 15 Nights| 16 Days

Experience a journey that is Rajasthan, not just a piece of land with manmade boundaries and a political map. Rajasthan is a journey in itself with every mile travelled; the traveler starts singing with an entity that is the soul of Rajasthan. The melancholy of birds singing in the morning, the dry Rajasthani winds the supple terrain the amicable nature of its people make the journey an exciting adventurous and graceful experience.
The tour is designed to make you see more of unexplored Rajasthan, riding for 5-6 hrs a day and spending rest of the day in exploring the place.

The Motorcycles

Royal Enfield 500cc is one of the most trusted and loved international motorcycle in the world. For the biker’s community around the world if the ride is long and the road is tough the bike has to be Royal Enfield. Its throttle and the kind of power it generates for the rider liberates the rider to take on the toughest terrain in the most comfortable riding experience.

The Ride

An exclusive opportunity to discover the great state of Rajasthan as it is known to its natives. This Motorcycle tour of Rajasthan entails riding through the Thar Desert of Rajasthan all the way to the Lush green Aravalli Hills.
Total Riding Distance: 1500 Kilometers
Total number of riding days : : 11 Days
We will be riding 200- 250 average daily Kilometers over the duration of 5-7 Hours accompained by a Tour Captain riding on motorcycle, utility vehilcle with a stand by motorcycle, a car following riders with Picnic Lunch and other supplie one can relaxe in if required, an experienced Motorcycle mecnanic for daily servicing and cleaning of motorcycles.
Non-Riding Days: A few days have been included in the Itinerary as non-riding days in certain cities. To help you relax or set out for an independent exploration of the city.

On your arrival you will be greeted with representative of Le Tour De India holding a placard of your name at the airport exit gate, drive to a comfortable hotel in the heart of New Delhi. New Delhi is the mogul of Indian cities. The national capital has an abundance of chic cafes and historic buildings.
Your day in New Delhi
There is no planned activity today and the day is left to your leisure for you to shape your Delhi experience. Grab a map from the hotel desk and decide whether you want to get a seat at a cultural event or relax in a cozy café. Necessary arrangements can be made on request. You can choose to just lie in your room and recover from the weariness of your flight. Just Make sure you are in Hotel for Evening meeting with Tour Captain and other fellow riders followed by dinner in some good restaurant nearby.
Hotel : Jaypee Siddharth Hotel
About Hotel : The hotel in Delhi will be a centrally located 5Star hotel.

The day begins with an early breakfast at the hotel and venture out for short visit to Old Delhi Jama Masjid Khari bawri market and Rikshaw ride to Chandni Chowk later drive to the Pink City, Jaipur. Jaipur has earned the sobriquet of pink city when the old walled city was painted in the signature terracotta pink to welcome the Prince of Whales in 1853.
Your day in Jaipur
Upon reaching Jaipur, check in to your hotel and the rest of the day is at leisure. In your free time you can choose to watch a bollywood movie at the Raj Mandir (A palatial cinema theater) or venture out in the busy markets of the old city, bustling with art and culture. In the evening before dinner the Tour captain extensively briefs us about the tour activities planned for the days that follow. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Hotel : IKAKI Niwas
About Hotel : A home hotel with convenient location and tastefully decorated rooms with all modern amenities and swimming pool. IkakiNiwas offers luxuries of a hotel blended with the warmth of a family.

Morning Sightseeing
With a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, take a short yet intriguing tour of the pink city. Witness the unearthing of an enigma that is the mystic city of Jaipur.
Introducing the Royal Enfield
By late afternoon you are invited to be introduced to your travel companion for the journey across Rajasthan, the Royal Enfield Motorcycles. This introduction is for you to become accustomed with the motorcycles, the tour captain gives an exhaustive briefing about the motorcycle and the nuances of riding on Indian roads. This briefing is followed by a short ride to a traditional tea parlor in the out skirts of Jaipur.
The Jaipur Evening
After an exciting sightseeing in the morning and a short introductory ride on the Royal Enfield there isn’t much time left in the day, but we squeeze in some hours before night and drive to a cozy local restaurant for dinner and try some of the most delectable Rajasthani cuisine.
Distance 150 Kilometers Covered in 4-5 Hours
The Journey Begins
After breakfast at the hotel, begin this day with the Royal Enfield motorcycles ready to roar and make a mark for you on the roads of Rajasthan. You take the road less travelled and head towards the eccentric land of Pushkar.
The Ride
The scenic country roads that lead to Pushkar are an experience in itself. Today’s ride involves taking many off road stretches riding through farmlands and traditional villages. Stopovers at a farmer’s house where you will be served freshly milked tea from the farm.
Your day in Pushkar
Reach Pushkar by late afternoon in time for our visit to the Pushkar Camel Fair. The Pushkar Camel Fair is an annual five day camel and livestock fair. It is also the world’s largest camel fair. Here we can participate in many traditional customary games such as “Matka Phod” and a chance to witness the “Longest Moustache Competition”. The fair has documented over 100000 visitors since the early 1900s and still growing every year. By late evening venture out in the streets of Pushkar for a guided city walk. Overnight at the hotel in Pushkar.
Hotel : Pushkar Bagh/similar
About Hotel : The Pushkar Bagh is an ideal base to explore pushkar desert life, culture and landscape of breathtaking beauty.

Distance 290 Kilometers Covered in 6-7 Hours
This day entails riding deep into the Rajasthani antiquity to ride to Khichan a winter abode for large number of migratory species of birds. The most noticeable species of migratory birds is the Demoiselle Cranes that migrate to Khichan all the way from Mongolia during winters.
The Ride
From Roopangarh start riding towards the ancient city of Merta, a city standing tall as an evidence of thousands of years of glorious history. Leaving behind the Merta City riding towards Khimsar. A town on the edge of the Thar desert, be ready to fall in love with the auburn landscape of an oasis town. From Khimsar ride to your abode for the night at Khichan.
At Khichan check into the Kurja Resort, an exquisite accommodation in the desert at the heart of the bird spotting areas of Khichan. Relish over some delecable local cuisines prepared by the Kurja kitchen.
Hotel : Kurja Resort
About Hotel : Built in the heart of the “bird view point” the resort is a great way to relax in this romantic setting of nature and beautiful landscape with fresh air taking away all the weariness of your travels. The Kurja Resort offers a wide range of luxury suites and cozy tented accommodations and the staff makes sure you have a comfortable and memorable experience.

Distance 200 Kilometers Covered in 5-6Hours
Jaisalmer fort, one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan was built in 12th century lined with windy lanes houses about 3000 people inside the fortress. There are ninety-nine bastions that are protecting the city walls for centuries. The quiet desert town of Jaisalmer still inhabited by generations of families living in the cozy lanes of the old town for the past 500 years.
The Ride
This day entails riding through the dunes and heading towards Jaisalmer a historic abode for over 800 years of history. We stopover for lunch at the town of Pokaran surrounded by rocky, sandy and five salt ranges. This attribute has Pokaran earned the sobriquet of “the land of 5 mirages”. Ride deep into the Thar Desert to reach Jaisalmer.
Hotel : Gorbandh Palace/similar
About Hotel : In this luxurious Royal Retreat you can enjoy all modern-day amenities in an authentic Rajasthani ambience.

Distance 50 Kilometers Covered in 2-3 Hours
Morning we scheduled a walking tour of Jaisalmer Fort which is one of the largest fully preserved fortified cities in the world, Walk into the deepest layers of history in this land of Rajasthan. Later ride Deep into the Thar Desert to the land Thar dunes , surrounded by beautiful dunes painting the landscape with the soft sand. With a short ride of 50 kilometers we reach Sam and check into a Luxury desert camp.
Your Day at Khuri
After some great time riding our Royal Enfield motorcycles through the dunes, get ready for a feast prepared by local chefs in the traditional style of the Rajasthan desert. Later you are invited for high tea – followed by a camel safari through the sam dunes. Gala dinner with live folk dance and music is one of the major attractions.
Hotel : Desert Camping
About Hotel : Accommodation in Sam will be a Luxury desert camp to experience this perfection in the stunning barrenness of the desert landscape where you can feel the exquisite beauty around you take over all your senses.

Distance 280 Kilometers Covered in 6-7 Hours
With a sumptuous breakfast at the desert camp get ready to cross the Luni River and ride towards Jodhpur.
The city of jodhpur is also known as the sun city named after its chieftain Maharaja Rao Jodha. Jodhpur, like all the cities in Rajasthan has its own distinct flavor, its landscape surrounded by canyons and lakes with vibrant color of the old walled city which is colored blue.
The Ride
The main highlight of this day is the shift in the nature of landscape, which changes from the dunes of Jaisalmer and Sam to the canyons and lakes of Jodhpur. Ride this magnificent trail to reach Jodhpur by the late evening. Check in to your heritage hotel for the night overlooking the magnificent Mehrangarh fort.
Hotel :
Devi Bhawan/Similar
About Hotel : ‘Devi Bhawan’ rejuvenates the tired traveller in its comfortable rooms and serene environment. The place has an old world charm and takes you back in time, and the essence of being a guest of the family

Distance 200 Kilometers Covered in 6-7 Hours
Bid adieu to Jodhpur after a quick breakfast and a short visit to the mighty Mehrangarh fort with the first ray of the sun. Mehrangarh fort is a unique fort standing tall above the city of Jodhpur on top a cliff. The museum at Mehrangarh has preserved many historic artifacts from the bygone era along with the preserved culture and history of this land.
The Ride
The day’s ride is filled with scenic landscapes of the Aravalli range. Climb the Aravali Mountains with much easy with your much efficient Royal Enfield motorcycles. Reach Kumbalgarh by late afternoon in time for high tea. With a relaxing cup of Masala tea, check in to the hotel.
The rest of the day is at leisure for you to explore magnificent Kumbalgarh Fort , learn the glory and history of Mewar region with sound and light show in evening at fortresses.
Hotel : Haveli Resort/ Similar
About Hotel : Luxury Resort Nestled in lash green Aravali mountains.

Distance 135 Kilometers Covered in 5-6 Hours
Further into the valley of the Aravali range step into the mystic devotional land of Ranakpur. Ranakpur is home to several ancient Jain temples. The temple of the mighty Adinatha has above 1444 pillars holding the enormous structure of the temple.
The Ride
Today’s ride is full of riding in the hills from one end of the hill to reach the other end at the Ranakpur Jain temples. After a short visit at the Ranakpur Jain Temples get ready to ride through another set of mountains to finally reach Udaipur.
Hotel : Hotel Lake Pichola/Similar
About Hotel : Enter through the gates of old city of Udaipur into an oasis of Rajasthani tradition, culture, safety and comfort. Situated on the bank of Lake Pichola Road overlooking the old city.

This day has been awarded to you as a rest day to help you shed all the tiredness from over 10 days of riding your motorcycles across Rajasthan.
Your Day at Udaipur
A relaxing day in the city of Udaipur will give you enough time to explore the romantic city of Udaipur. You can choose to relax at your hotel or venture out on your own in the streets of Udaipur. A visit to the City Palace of Udaipur is highly recommended, if one is keen about the local culture they can take a ropeway to the local goddesses temple on top of a hill. Boating at Lake pichola is one of the highlights of your trip in India, These arrangements can be made with the help of your Tour Captain.
Distance 250 Kilometers Covered in 5-6 Hours
From the land of lakes and palaces follow the tales of glory and sacrifices at Chittorgarh Fort. The massive wall of Chittorgarh has never been laid siege to in traditional warfare. Later follow the Chambal river to ride towards the land of Hada clan of Rajasthani Rajputs to reach Bhainsorgarh.
The Ride
This day of riding is a rendezvous with the ravines of Chambal river. After a quick breakfast at the hotel, ride past scenic Aravali mountains to pass the majestic fort of Chittorgarh . The Chittor fort has never been laid seize to in traditional warfare. The glory of this walled fortress on top of a hill mesmerizes your soul to wonder the effort taken to build this magnificent structure. Riding along the Chambal River reach Bhainsorgarh.
Hotel :
Bhainsorgarh Palace
About Hotel :
Bhainsorgarh Palace overlooking the Chambal river. Is a heritage hotel with magnificent architecture and breathtaking views.

Distance 150 Kilometers Covered in 4-5 Hours
Enjoy a traditional breakfast at the Bhainsorgarh Palace overlooking the Chambal river and head towards Ranthambore. Ranthambore National Park has large number of species of animals especially the mighty Bengal tiger. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is spread over an area of above 400 kilometers and houses above 50 tigers.
The Ride
Ride again along the Chambal river towards Ranthambore national park. The route is through the country road passing numerous villages and farmlands. Passing through the wheat and millet fields gives you feeling of crossing a pool of gold. By late afternoon reach our hotel for the night which is a wildlife resort situated deep in the forest.
This is also the last day of riding, celebrate this journey in the evening by a campfire lit to congratulate ourselves on the successful end of this memorable experience riding our motorcycles across Rajasthan.
Hotel : Pugmark Resort Ranthambore/ similar
About Hotel :
Nestled at the edge of Ranthambore National Park and set over an wide spread area, ThePugmark is the true combination of sheer comfortability and resplendent luxury

Ranthambore Wildlife Safari
With an early breakfast we leave for our safari in the forest. If you are lucky enough, you might spot a tiger. Apart from tigers Ranthambore houses various species of wild animals such as the spotted deer the wild boar and specially the Sāmbhar deer. At the end of our safari we pack our bags and bid farewell to our lovely Royal Enfield motorcycles as we drive to the historic city of Agra. On reaching our hotel we freshen up before our dinner at a Royal restaurant serving traditional Mughal food.
Hotel : Crystal Sarovar Premiere / Similar
About Hotel : The hotel in Agra will be a centrally located modern 4 Star hotel.

Visit the Symbol of Love
Leave early after breakfast as we drive to the symbol of love the Taj Mahal. You are given a guided tour of the Taj as we learn more about the history and stories about this magnificent embodiment of love and all great things. Bid adieu to the Taj as we drive towards the city of mystery mayhem and magic Delhi.
Hotel : Redfox Aero City /Similar
About Hotel :
The hotel on the last day will be 5 start. Located in proximity to the International Airport.

This is the last day of this vibrant journey, we bid farewell to the mighty forts, scenic Aravalli ranges and especially the colorful people of Rajasthan. We will drop you at Delhi airport for your flight back home.

As the lovely time spent on our motorcycles ends here, we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Rajasthan memoirs.



  • Accommodation as mentioned in Hotels Section.
  • All Breakfast and 6 dinner at Offbeat destinations.
  • Royal Enfield Motorcycle 500cc motorcycle including fuel, oil and minor repairs & spares
  • Charted Luxury vehicle for transfers on non-riding days.
  • A support vehicle following the riders equipped with first aid kid and motorcycle repairs.
  • Light Refreshment, fruits, cookies, juices en-route during riding.
  • Bottle of Mineral water during riding.
  • Tour escort – An accompanying well experienced Motorcycle Road captain, who have sound knowledge of all major routes, regularly doing adventure tours, Motorcycle tours, well to do in First aid and on spot motorcycle maintenance.
  • A motorcycle Mechanic
  • Guided Village walk in Mandawa, Pushkar, Khichan, Bhainsorgarh
  • Camel ride in Sam dunes followed by fork dance and musical Night performance.
  • Guided Heritage walk in Jaisalmer and Udaipur old city
  • Boat ride in Udaipur at Lake Pichola
  • Entry Ticket of Taj Mahal
  • A support vehicle following the riders equipped with first aid kid and motorcycle repairs.
  • High Quality Helmets.
  • Local Guides at all destinations.
  • All Taxes


  • Personal expenses such as laundry, tips, liquor, joy rides.
  • Vaccinations and personal medication.
  • Compulsory travel insurances, such as repatriation assistance which covers you in case of any accident in India – legal assistance
  • An amount of INR 20,000 as security deposit has to be paid.
  • Although first aid help will be at the disposal of the rider, any hospitalization or other medical expenses will be borne by the rider himself/herself.
  • Visa Fees
  • Any Train tickets and flight tickets.
  • Any meal not motioned in what Includes.
  • Christmas Eve and New Years Eve event fees

Rajasthan motorcycle tour

Antiquity of Rajasthan on Motorcycles