Jaipur Photography Adventure

We love to share our passion for travel, adventure, photography and cuisine. We love to show our city in our style and enjoy mentoring our guests on how to take beautiful photographs in the most amazing locations.
Our Photography Tour focus on people, street, architecture, Landscapes, Colors, Culture, Lifestyle, Monuments and even motorsports and Horse photography.

The Photo Adventure are suited for beginners, amateurs, enthusiasts and semi-pros who are interested in a casual format, yet still want to come away with a better understanding of how to capture that great image.

Theme: The Photograph tour is intended to offer detailed and practical knowledge about the art of photography and at the same time enjoying the different streets and bazaars of Jaipur.

  • For food lovers: Right from the best piping hot traditional milk tea (Chai) till the sumptuous samosas and a variety of street food, you can sample many good things of Jaipur.
  • For the wanderlust: Enjoy the silky ride in a silent and soothing E-rickshaw and walk through the old labyrinths and cobbled pathways, taking N number of breaks while capturing the magic moments.
  • A unique experience: Enjoy the perfect confluence of sights, fragrances, tastes and of course the art of photograph taught by our Photo Adventure Experts.

Timings – We are not time bound as we believe photography is all about patience.

Our Photography experst are not at all guides in traditional sense. In order to make your photography trip all the more rewarding, we have carefully handpicked the best of Jaipur-born photographers who are raised in the old walled city of Jaipur. Traditionally engaged in the profession of photography and Travel they truly respect their art and possess exquisite photography skills.

  • Get introductory session for using your camera and extracting the best potential out of it
  • Complete assistance on the field to offer practical insights on photography and practically helping click the perfect images matching your objectives and outlook
  • Honest and unbiased feedback on your images to help you hone your photography skills
  • They are well versed with the labyrinths of the Jaipur and know the hidden photographic places of the city that are less frequent so that you should never miss that pristine beauty of Jaipur.
  • Many of them have been practicing photography since the ages when high definition cameras didn’t exist talk less of digitally advanced versions.
  • It has equipped them with the authentic skills of identifying and capturing those perfect shots in the single attempt- the pictures so perfect they seem to speak for themselves!

Jaipur is an ideal place for the photography tour

The art of photography basically involves capturing the different angles and perspectives of real-life scenery to explore the hidden beauty or details of the same. The picturesque subject makes photography art all the more rewarding. Jaipur being an epitome of beauty and a perfect confluence of heritage architecture and lively streets wrapped in a tangible royal air is a perfect place for a photography tour and with the help of authentic photographers, you can take home the exquisite picture that will help you relive the good moments you spent in the city.

We try to keep in mind that you are also on vacation, and that you may never again return, so we try to maximize the photographic opportunities and cover most of the amazing locations as per your interest in one go, for that We offer the Photo Adventure Tours in Morning and Evening.

A typical day could consist of an early morning photo walk or sunrise shoot followed by breakfast and additional photographic opportunities. Midday is usually reserved for rest, editing or travel.
Late Afternoon and Evening we focus again on the low-light sunset opportunities and colourful bazars decorated with lights and when everything looks even more vibrant. Depending on interest and location, we will often venture out at night for some night photography.

We will start early in the morning enjoying a silent, smooth and smoke-free ride of E-rickshaw from Panchbatti. Amidst the refreshing breeze and inviting sounds of birds’ chirping on top of trees, we will relish the first rays of the sun as it starts embracing nature.

Ajmeri Gate
Our first stop will be Ajmeri Gate that is at the peak of its beauty during silent, unhurried hours of early morning. Here you can capture the exuberant scenes of the city’s local life in the early morning.

Old havelis
Next, we will enjoy a walk through narrow lanes of the city that still house the century’s old Havelis or private mansions. A perfect blend of exquisite architecture and appealing fresco art these Havelis will leave you mesmerized with their pixel-perfect visuals and details. Even the ruined parts of these Havelis seem to tell the tale of its glorious past. This can truly be called the highlight of the morning tour and one of the main subjects of your photography tour.

Tea Break
Next, we will refresh over an authentic country tea served piping hot in an inviting clay pot at famous Sahu ki Chai.

Albert Hall
We will then head to the famous Albert hall the vast museum housing a number of historical artifacts from different era’s right from Iron Age till the medieval period and Mughal era.

The slow morning lifestyle
Then we will head to the famous Samosa, Jalabi shops to enjoy their authentically prepared Samosas- a triangular fried snack of India with some good photo opportunity of live cooking and public around. Our next stop will be Namkeen wali Gali where we will sample different types of namkeens(Bombay mix)- a famous spicy snack of Rajasthan made with gram flour.

Govind Devji Temple
Next, we will visit the famous Govind Deo Ji temple- the temple dedicated to Lord Krishna who is regarded as the Godhead by Indians. We will attend the worship ceremony there that is world famous for its liveliness and a pleasant festive spirit. Here you can enjoy the soul-lifting experience, and a great photo opportunity seeing the devotion and rituals followed.

Vegitable and Flower Market
Enjoy the sights busy and crowed vegetable and flower market, pleasing fragrance of fresh vegetables and exotic flowers. It is also a great way to see the local lifestyle- up and close.

Next, we will head to the tallest building of Jaipur Sargasooli- also known as Isar Lat. This 7-story minaret with a sky-piercing height of 60 feet proudly stands with its neck high up

Breakfast with locals
We will then head to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, not at a restaurant but in the house of a local family where you can enjoy the authentic hospitality of Jaipur and warmth of its people. The host will also share some of her cooking skills with you so that you can relive the magic back at your home country.
The photography tour will traverse through different age-old streets and markets of the city that were established several centuries ago and the tourists with an eye for details can still experience the royal charm in the daily life there. Some such places and markets include:

  • Manohar ka Rasta famous for its lacework bangles
  • Haldiyon ka Rasta is famous for the exquisite traditional jewelry
  • Johri Bazaar is a perfect shopping paradise for those who wish to enjoy the luxuries of life. Right from exotic dresses to excellent jewelry pieces and mouth-watering varieties of foods and sweets, you can find the most refined tastes of life here.
  • Katla offers a wide range of affordable fabrics
  • Thatheron ka Rasta is a delight for the shopper looking to buy country made kitchen supply
  • During our course, we will also visit various historical monuments and we might offer a quick and informal story session on a few monuments. You can take the photos of the exteriors of these monuments.

Evening Photography tour
During the evening we will enjoy the exquisite photographic journey of the city during the peak hours. We will walk down from the cobbled path ways and narrow streets famous for its inherent art forms from generations to generations.

We will then take a Jeep to the world famous Nahargarh Fort of Jaipur to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire city. The fort was once used by the king in order to monitor the security of the city and detect the intrusion of the enemies. The panoramic view of different streets bathed in colorful lights will fetch a distinct place in your heart. This is the best place for photography during the sunset hours.

Vibrant markets
We visit the corridor of the main lanes and explore the vibrant markets that are old famous for their exquisite art a craft. Here you can find the perfect blend of splendid art and the sumptuous feast served by the old style restaurants of Jaipur

Tour Cost – INR 4000 per person
Minimum number of guests – 02


  1. A Travel photography Expert,
  2. Our helping staff to take care of your stuff and do necessary arrangements in advance.
  3. An E- Rickshaw for the complete tour.
  4. Food and local cuisine tasting to tingle your taste buds prepared with our various food associates famous for their inherent art of preparing delicacies which are an account to the rich food culture in the Pink City.
  5. Bottle of Mineral water.

Note:- Photographer guests should bring their own camera gear. In addition, its recommended you bring a tripod, extra memory cards and batteries Digital DSLR and mirrorless cameras are preferred, but todays high-end compacts are also very impressive.

Terms and Conditions- :

  1. Booking is subject to availability.
  2. Minimum 02 Persons and Maximum 10 Person are required to confirm the booking.
  3. Please inform us at least 24 Hrs before the scheduled departure Timings.
  4. We hold the right to club bookings from different source adding up-to a group size of 10 persons.
  5. Please note Transfers from hotel to start and end point is not included in above cost.
  6. Late turn-up for more than 30 Minutes from the scheduled meeting time will be considered as No Show.
  7. We recommend dressing modestly, that you feel confident while walking in the busy markets, city and while visiting a local family.


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