A guided E-Rickshaw tour is a unique experience, seeking the city’s attractions, centuries-old Havellies, and narrow lanes. passing through the early morning silence, soaking up the magnificent beauty on this tour.

An eco-friendly e-rickshaw ride begins in the morning. It’s the time when you get a glance of the old city without hustle and bustle. A slow movement allows you to watch over the astrologically designed architecture and finely painted walls of Pink city.

Living the life of an old city and meeting the locals. Exchange of gestures and greetings as we cross these narrow lanes.

The Colour and aroma spread in Jaipur’s Biggest Flower Market. The local food culture holds an extensive range of variety. But during your ride through the city, you will enjoy tits and bits from the famous food joints of Jaipur. These joints share a common interest among the Locals.

This e-rickshaw Tour Gives you an experience of cultural exchange, and a chance to have a word with locals in various markets and spots. On this deliberately unhasty tour of Jaipur, you will be accompanied by a lady chauffeur and a tour explorer. The squad will introduce you to unreached stories and wonders. With their knowledge, they will resolve most of your queries regarding the heritage, architecture, religion, cuisine and daily lifestyle of ” Jaipurites”


For Foodies:-

Variety of famous treats. Enjoy the art of how these goodies are prepared at these eateries with amazing inherited recipes. They are an account of the rich food culture in the Pink City. 


For Bibliophiles:-

Minor details, planned layout, painting on walls, old havellies, etc., all hold an interesting plot to be told.

Be an Explorer:-

Usually, a tourist gets an itinerary of Forts and Temples, But we offer a traveller an experience to live real life and stories of the old city


  1. Bottle of Mineral Water.
  2. A neat and clean E-Rickshaw with our gracious driver.
  3. One experienced tour explorer will accompany you in E-rickshaw.
  4. Food and local cuisine tasting to tingle your taste buds prepared with our various food associates famous for their inherent art of preparing delicacies which are an account of the rich food culture in the Pink City
 Terms and Conditions- 
  1. We hold the right to club bookings from different sources adding up to a group size of 4 persons.
  2. Please note Transfers from the hotel to the start and the endpoint is not included in the above cost.
  3. Late turn-up for more than 30 minutes from the scheduled meeting time will be considered as No Show.


Additional information

Meeting PointLe Tour De India, Opposite to The Wall Street Hotel, New Colony, MI Road, Jaipur
E-Rickshaw tour


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