Udaipur Village VisitTo engage in an authentic rural experience, one should definitely try the walking tour of a rajasthani village. It is a wonderful way to take a break from your usual tourist activities. And enter into a zone full of culture, peace and natural wilderness.

We start the tour in the morning and drive towards the Madar Village. On our way we gaze at the beautiful farmlands and enjoy the cool breeze waving at us. Thereafter, we walk in the simple yet comfortable life of the villagers to understand their lifestyle and traditions that they still follow. We observe the women helping the menfolk working on the fields. These women carry huge weights on their head, draw water from wells and indulge in the household chores. This gives us a beautiful lesson of working together.

Hiking in UdaipurThe villagers are very friendly including the children and they get excited if you want to take a picture of them. The entire village is a delightful and amazingly peaceful place to stroll around.

We further walk towards the  Madar lake surrounded by lofty Aravali ranges. Then we hike for a km around the serene lakes to reach the mountain top. Here we can capture the most amazing 270-degree view of the Madar lake and the 360-degree view of lush green mountains range.

Post our adventurous hiking experience, we take a different route to Madar village and move back to Udaipur. We can extend the Village Walking Tour from 3 hours to 4-5 hours depending upon the guests’ preference.

Village walk and stayHighlights

  • Adventure Lovers – We hike alongside the Madar lake which offers us a series of breathtaking views as we follow a strenuous trail. It absolutely looks like a dead-end at every corner.
  • Bird Watcher – The best tourist attractions of Udaipur definitely include Bird Watching. The various migratory birds and other rare breeds are indeed very captivating.
  • Nature Lovers – Udaipur and its countryside is blessed with the natural beauty and  panoramic views of mountains and lakes.
  • Culture Connection: The best way to understand the culture of a place is by interacting with its people. These gracious villagers lets you discover the warmth and simplicity of village life.
  • WANDERLUST – One needs to wander to a typical rajasthani village and see a village house to get a complete feel of a Rajasthan trip. And the most exciting experience is to have tea with the villagers and look at their live traditional kitchen. All of this is indeed worth exploring.

DISTANCE 5 – 8 Km of Hike and Village walk
TERRAIN Village streets, Mountains Path, Easy Hike and walk
TIME TAKEN 4 Hrs including Breakfast/ High Tea(Afternoon)


  1. Bottled Mineral water.
  2. A Packed Breakfast.
  3. Visit of Village and walk.
  4. Food sampling of local delicacies in Village.
  5. Hiking by the lake.


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