4 Hours
Physicality / Terrain
Nature walk

Yoga in Jaipur

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”
~B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga with Hiking in Forest

Here is a complete holiday experience with yoga and hiking tour which includes everything from ‘a jungle trek’ to ‘a heritage walk’, ‘a forrest yoga session’ to ‘exploring an ancient village in forest’. Moreover, an old water body of historical importance, a trekking route to Amber fort rarely taken, and to top it all we pick and drop from & to, to a location of our guest’s choice which is also included in package. Customisation of the tour with a few more additions is also

The tour highlights

  • Nahargarh Biological Park, Jeep Safari
  • One hour of Yoga Session under expert guidance in the serene and scenic environs of Nahargarh forest and Aravalis
  • A jungle Trek (approx 1 km)
  • A Village Walk, an ancient village in the confines of Jungle
  • Refreshment at the village, Refreshments (Tea and Snacks prepared traditionally at one of the village houses) and interaction with villagers
  • Another jungle trek to an ancient water body in the jungle
  • Crossover a few hillocks and reach the rear of the famous Amer Fort.

On the whole, the tour ends on reaching Amer fort. Yoga with Hiking in Forest is a combination of two separate tours which makes it all the more exclusive. Furthermore, we include few more attractions and activities which are not possible on the standalone tours.

The Idea of Combo Tour

The idea of this new inclusion in our catalogue came from the feedback of our guests who took both the Yoga session and Nahargarh Biological Park separately, and asked us to design a product which includes both and hence this Tour. Our earlier standalone tours are also on the list.

Detailed Itinerary

6:30 am

Drive to the Nahargarh Forests

With the first stroke of the morning Sun drive to the Nahargarh Forest area for our Yoga session in the wild in the outskirts of the Jaipur city. The beauty of the Jaipur city has many layers one of them is to experience the city’s gorgeous dawn as you will drive through the old city crossing various Rajasthani mansions, forts and palaces especially the Amber Palace fort. Reach the Nahargarh Biological Park also known as the Nahargarh rescue centre for endangered species, here we will be introduced to our Yoga instructor and our Naturalist as all of us hop in our all-terrain Jeeps to ride deep inside the forest to the Ramsarisagar Lake.
7 am

Yoga at Ramsarisagar Lake

We ride these rugged trails in our Jeeps to the Ramsarisagar Lake. The reservoir itself is a great example of Urban town planning in medieval times, the ambience here is perfect for meditation and yoga. The session begins with a small introduction to yoga and Vedic meditation followed by Suryanamaskar. A typical yogic routine begins with Suryanamaskar followed by various Asanas(yogic postures) and Pranayamas(Breathing exercises). Throughout the session, our trainers will guide us through the process of learning the Yogic postures and asanas.
8 am

Jungle walk

After this soul-refreshing divine experience we all take a short walk with our Naturalist to the Shikargah(Hunting Lodge). This structure was built in the 17th century by the rulers of Jaipur to host hunting parties for the royal guests. The view from the lodge itself sings the poetry of the earth.
8:30 am

Village walk

Further to this trek downhill for one kilometre and drive to an ancient village in the midst of Jungle. A village walk and interaction with villagers, and refreshment (tea and snacks – traditionally prepared in one of the village houses)
9 am

Hiking in Aravali Mountain

On completion of this village exploration, an uphill trek awaits us that will take us to an old water body with a great scenic location, cross another hillock and reach rear of the famous Amer Fort.
10:30 am
The tour ends here with great memories guests will be dropped to a place of their choice. The tour surely ends but for a travelling soul, the road never comes to a stop and fun never ceases


  1. Bottled Mineral water and energy drinks
  2. Good quality Yoga mats.
  3.  Refreshments – Packed Breakfast, Juices, Energy drinks, Tea, chocolates, fresh fruits.
  4. An experienced Yoga Teacher/Instructor and a Naturalist/Historian to for the guided walk around the forest.
  5. Jeep ride from the Nahargarh Biological Park to the Lake and return.
  6. A tour escort at the end following all the guest.
  7. Transfers from hotel to start and endpoint to Hotel in an open roof vehicle.

Terms and Conditions- :

  1.  Booking is subject to availability.
  2.  Minimum 02 Persons required to confirm the booking.
  3.  Please inform us at least 7days before the scheduled departure date.
  4. Indemnity Bond must be filed by all participants.

Package Cost – INR 6,500 Per Person (Cost is based on minimum 02 Guests)