Day Trips
Physicality / Terrain
Leadership Qualities, Team Building Activity


An experience in the wilderness of low lying Aravalli range of Jaipur

Exclusively for Students

Students are the founding pillars of our society, their young minds will shape the future and it is our responsibility to inculcate the spirit of team work and sportsmanship among these bright souls that will inspire us tomorrow
This summer, Le Tour De India, brings an adventurous activity that is specifically tailored for the Students – Customized on International Standards to help the teenagers challenge their boundaries and challenge their inner capabilities.

Wildlife Treasure Hunt in Jaipur

  • An Adventure in the wilderness customized for students.
  • A day away from the comforts of the city life.
  • Learn to sustain through survival stints and instincts.

An Unforgettable Experience

  • Spinning across the Nahargarh Biological Park under the supervision of experienced team of instructors.
  • Test of mental and physical capabilities of students.

An outdoor classroom activity

  • Team building activity.
  • Students solve real world problems with team cohesion and brain storming.
  • Develop the spirit of love for nature

Why Tresure Hunt?

The Exam season has just passed and only in a few weeks Students are burdened with new curriculum and other academic challenges. They need an adventure and a fun activity to revaluate their potential.
Earlier extracurricular activities were limited to Cultural Weeks and Sports Weeks. But the time has changed extracurricular activities have become an essential part of the curriculum. Institutes and teachers have been striving hard to provide an environment of overall development to the kids.
Our activities are common among some of the prestigious institutes in Europe and America. Schools from Europe travel all the way to Rajasthan to participate in our Wildlife Treasure Hunt.
It is a fun activity filled with exercises of Team building and cohesion, inculcating survival instincts among the students.
While conducting these activities we maintain International standards. Be it equipment, safety procedures, contingency plan etc.
Expert guidance, support and supervision team of Instructors, support vehicles, Tour Leaders with each group taking care of each and every details and safety of Students


Nahargarh Biological Park, The Tiger Rescue Center, Amidst the Low lying Aravali Range that surrounds Jaipur
“Come let’s explore, the tough way, the natural way, the Fun way, the Green Way.”

As this lovely day spent on a bicycle ends here we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Jaipur memoirs.

  1. Bottled mineral water, light refreshments and energy drinks.
  2. Jungle Route map
  3. Entry Ticket at Nahargarh Rescue Center.
  4. First Aid certified assistant from Red Cross society.
  5. 02 trained cycling Instructor, 02 escorts and 4 villagers from local area with the group to navigate direction and Assist if required. As per group size.
  6. A support Vehicle with stand by cycles.
Terms and Conditions- :
  1.  Booking is subject to availability.
  2. Minimum 08 Persons required to confirm the booking.
  3. Every participant should be at least 13 years of age.
  4. Please inform us at least 7days before the scheduled departure date.
  5. Please note Transfers from hotel to start and end point is not included in above cost
  6. Indemnity Bond is must to be filed by all participants.