Wildlife Cycle Safari (Treasure Hunt)

Apart from the treasure hunt and other fun activities we get to visit some very special forts and other structures of historical importance
4 Hours
Cycling + Entry Ticket + Visit to Tiger Rescue center + Support vehicle + Two Tour leaders + Jungle walk

Yoga with Hiking

At 6 AM, we start our drive for this refreshing and relaxing Yoga and Hiking Tour of Udaipur. We make our way through the narrow village roads and reach our Hiking Trip Start Point, Badi village. The place is  completely in the lap of nature and serene ambiance. Next, we hike in the forested hills straight to the summit of the mountain and experience the beautiful dawn and the gorgeous Sunrise in Udaipur Countryside. We set about a 45- minute yoga session while capturing a 360-degree view of flourishing mountains and mesmerizing Badi Lake. An expert yoga instructor introduces us with a comfortable yogic routine including some effective Asanas (yogic postures) and Pranayamas (Breathing exercises). After a reviving yoga session and hiking activity, we trek down and head out for a leisurely Village walk. Then we proceed for a beautiful frame of jungle setting for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Here we finish our activity of fun and fitness and you can drive back to Udaipur via gazing at the sparkling Fateh Sagar lake. Highlights For Adventure Lovers – We engage in a strenuous hiking and nature trails to reach the mountain top and then we Trek in the Jungle. Here an expert shares with us his experience of trekking in the Aravalli mountains and the survival tricks he uses in the jungles. For Bird Watchers – Udaipur rightly claims the title of a birding paradise with lush green mountains and beautiful water bodies. Indeed, this poses a perfect habitat to many  migratory birds from all around the world. For Nature Lovers – We reach for an exclusive yoga session at a vantage point after  navigating our way for half an hour. We greet a stunning view of the endless mountain range and sparkling water body  which is indeed a nature lovers farm. Culture Connection – We trek back, walk through the village fields and interact with the farmers. Then we reach in a scenic jungle settings for our breakfast ready to be served. For WANDERLUST – We can observe how self- sustaining the Villages around Udaipur despite their challenging geographical farming conditions. Moreover, while interacting with them, we get to know about their farming methods, adoption of traditional irrigation system and water harvesting. The Yoga and Hiking on Mountain top combining with culture and wilderness turns out to be the best activities for a wanderlust. DISTANCE 2 -3 Km of Hike and Village walk TERRAIN Mountains Path, Easy Hike and walk TIME TAKEN 4 Hrs including Breakfast INCLUSIONS Bottled Mineral water. A proper Breakfast. Good quality yoga mats. Well experienced Yoga instructor. Village walk.

Yoga with Hiking in Forest

Here is a complete holiday experience with yoga and hiking tour which includes everything from a jungle trek to a heritage walk, a forrest yoga session to exploring an ancient village in forest, an old water body of historical importance, a trekking route to Amber fort rarely taken, and to top it all we pick and drop from & to, to a location of our guest’s choice which is also included in package. The tour can also be customised with a few more additions.
per person
4 Hours
Nature walk