4 Hours
Physicality / Terrain
Cycling + Entry Ticket + Visit to Tiger Rescue center + Support vehicle + Two Tour leaders + Jungle walk

  An Adventure in the wilderness of The Nahargarh Forest

                            (THE CHALLENGE – TREASURE  HUNT) 

Ever thought of some adventure with wildlife or riding bicycles whole day long at your own pace soaking the winter sun, being close to nature and the fresh air acting as a fuel to your adventure thirst.

Put your imagination to work in the wilderness of the Nahargarh Biological Park.
A fun excursion in the low lying Aravali Mountains.
An expedition in the wild along with scenic countryside landscapes.
The freedom of riding a bicycle.
And a fight to win a treasure, Yes a treasure.

 Major highlights

Out of all our exclusive activities in “things to do in Jaipur”, “Wildlife cycle safari – The treasure hunt” is a specially designed team building activity for Corporate and Incentive Tours, Families and small groups, where participants put their imagination to work with this creatively challenging and exhilarating way to explore the vast wilderness of the Nahargarh Biological Park with an equally fun Treasure Hunt.

Apart from the treasure hunt and other fun activities, we get to visit some very special forts and other structures of historical importance

Shikar Garh –  A Fort built in imperial times to stay hidden and wait for your prey to hunt it down. It was used by the Kings and other royalty.

Bhuteshwar Mahadev Temple – An ancient temple devoted to Lord Shiva, the structure of the temple is still intact and is till date in service with regular ceremonial processions conducted by the temple priest.

Ramsisar Sagar – A large canal-like water body in the middle of the Jungle is an example of the great architectural prowess in water management structures. The landscape at the RamsisarSagar is one of the most beautiful and scenic ones in Rajasthan.

The Tiger reserve- With the initiative of PATA  Tigers and Lions working in circuses in India were rescued from and kept here in this Jungle is very spacious cages. Now They are well-taken care by the forest department.

So here is your sure chance to witness the Royal Bengal Tiger.


At Nahargarh Biological Park

Morning at 6 AM We assemble at Nahargarh Biological Park entry gate for The bicycle treasure hunt in the wilderness can be a challenging and yet fun way to bond with colleagues, friends, and family.

With an exhaustive briefing by the tour captains and Introduction with the support team, we start riding in the wild. We work in teams, finishing one challenge after another solving one riddle after another, to find and win the treasure.

The spirit of competition proves to be a fantastic team building exercise and gives a different perspective of working in a team.

 Treasure hunt details

The treasure hunt is a fun way to burn some of those calories and is a great way to spend the
a day with family and friends.

The Group is briefed with the rules and all other relevant information including maps, details about the first challenge or a clue, the clue can be challenging riddle etc.

Keep riding on to the next check point to find your next clue on your mountain bikes.

The participants shall be divided into teams, and are provided with files containing everything necessary in order to complete the hunt

Clubbing all the clues, an unresolved treasure can be found. After the challenge, the treasure is revealed amidst cheers and applauses.

The guide/tour leader will provide assistance with the clues, maintaining rules and keeping track of the timeline along with announcing the winners with solving any unsolved riddles.

Winners will be awarded with a Prize and to all other participants will be given a souvenir as a parting gift, to make the tour memory a permanent one.

As this lovely day spent on a bicycle ends here we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Jaipur memoirs. 

Additional information

The treks are designed for beginner mountain bikers.

We provide a high-quality geared bicycle helmet and a map for guidance.

Two trained cycling Instructors, two escorts, and few organizer’s team members will be present with the group at all times to navigate and assist participants to find the Treasure.

  1. Bottled Mineral water and energy drinks
  2. Treasure-Hunt Route map
  3.  Refreshments en-route – Packed Breakfast, Juices, Energy drinks, Tea, chocolates, fresh fruits.
  4. Brand new geared bicycles (Giant) with high-quality helmets for added safety.
  5. Well experienced bicycle tour captains who are well versed the route.
  6. A tour escort at the end following all the cyclists.
  7. A support vehicle with well-equipped emergency first aid kit and a standby bicycle and in case if a guest decides not to ride and relax for the rest of the tour.
  8. There will be a trained bicycle mechanic cum tour escort following all the riders throughout the tour.
  9. Entry ticket for the park.
Terms and Conditions:
  1.  Booking is subject to availability.
  2.  Minimum 04 Persons required to confirm the booking.
  3.  Please inform us at least 7days before the scheduled departure date.
  4. Please note Transfers from hotel to start and end point to Hotel is not included in the tour cost.
  5. Indemnity Bond must be filed by all participants.

Package Cost – 4500 INR per person (cost based on minimum 04 Guests )