6 Hours
Physicality / Terrain
Community Kitchen, Cross Culture, Village Visit

 A ride to cow rescue centre (Volunteering for Animal Care)

A unique experience where you yourself learn the skills involved in living a self-supported lifestyle.
Le Tour De India’s unique initiative to give it back to society.

A day away from the weariness of commercial tourism and capture the comradery of community participation for a day at Gaushala. Learn from the village folks indigenous means of running a shelter home for more than 900 cows at present and the number is increasing by the day. The monthly expenses of operations at the shelter are above 1 million rupees. The shelter runs on contributions made by the village community of caretakers and volunteers.

Take a dig here, play with the newborn calf’s, milk the cow of your fascination, if you wish, you can join the herdsmen to take the cows for grazing in the nearby fields, give a helping hand to prepare a special diet for the cows with different needs.

Lunch here will leave you mesmerized, the taste, the fragrance, and every single bite will become a part of your best of food experiences for life.

Discover and experience the selfless service of caretakers and volunteers of this delightful place. Take a stroll to the village nearby; enjoy a cup of tea, experience the community and delights of life here.

The Ride

This day trip is a colourful way to discover Incredible India. An experience of riding on bicycles in the early hours of morning, pedaling away from the chaos of city, passing by the fields, villages, farms and taking as many pit stops as you like to refresh, hydrate, capture the dawn and first light of the rising sun amidst small sand dunes and green fields, and whatever to your liking.

What is the Purpose of a Gaushala (Cattle Ranch)?

In the western world, a Cattle Ranch is put to use for cattle farming where domestic animals graze and the beneficiaries are involved in the business of milk production and other ancillary businesses. But what if someone tells you that in the Hindu culture in India, the cattle ranches are doubled with the concept of a “Gaushala” A Cow rescue centre.

In Hindu Culture, cow slaughter is forbidden and thus after the cattle have lost its potency to provide milk it is rendered useless. This is where the noble concept of a “Gaushala” comes in. A Gaushala is a kind of a rescue centre for cattle, where all the disowned animals are adopted and taken care of.

While the urban population of the world is fighting over open spaces for public use, Indian villages from the likes of Rotwada, Jaipur stand tall as a great example of community service and individual participation. We take you on a journey to the Rotwada village of Rajasthan, in the outskirts of Jaipur.

What do we give?

A day of hearty labour at the Gaushala that gives you a feeling of accomplishment when one relishes the fruit of their own labour.

What do we gain? 

A day fully utilized, an experience of Mother Nature, a satisfaction of contributing to the lives of less advantaged while enjoying every minute of the day, learning a few management mantras and a day to remember, a day worth mentioning in the pages of your diary.

Detailed Itinerary

7 am

Jaipur - Rotwada

Riding Distance  30 Kilometers
At the break of the dawn, meet the tour captain with our bikes ready to take you on a memorable experience deep into the hinterland where the real India lives with its colorful traditions and sacred customs. Ride 30 Kilometers into the countryside on our bikes all the way to the vibrant little village of Rotwada.
10 am

Rotwada Village

When you arrive at the cow shelter we will be introduced to the family of the caretakers that have devoted their lives to this noble cause of providing shelter to cows. Learn from the team of devoted social activists and their indigenous ways of running the Gaushala. Their skills can put management gurus to revaluate their facts. The ladies of the village teach you how to milk the cows and buffaloes.
12 pm

Lunch Preparation

Feast upon some of the traditional delicacies with the locals of Rotwada. But, before the feasting, we will actively participate in the preparation of the feast. Learn about the art of preparing a delicious meal from the local produce. After preparing the feast, lunch is served with the families of the caretakers.
3 pm

Village Walk

The village of Rotwada is a self-sufficient village in terms of water conservation and food supplies. All the raw materials like cattle fodder used in the cow shelter are locally produced by the village folk. Walk is more about knowing the lifestyle of people, their culture and customs.
4 pm

High Tea and drive back to Jaipur

Finishing up with a short walk traversing through the cattle fields and come back to the volunteer’s quarters as the high tea is served prepared with fresh warm milk. This amazing experience ends here and you drive back to Jaipur. It is a unique experience where you yourself learn the skills involved in living a self supported lifestyle. Finishing up with a short walk traversing through the cattle fields and come back to the volunteer’s quaters as the hight tea is served prepared with fresh warm milk. This amazing experience ends here and you drive back to Jaipur.

As this unique experience ends here we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Jaipur memoirs.

  1. Bottled Mineral water and energy drinks
  2. Route map
  3. Light Refreshments en-route
  4. Brand new Geared bicycles (Giant) with high-quality helmets for added safety.
  5. Well experienced bicycle tour captains who are well versed the route.
  6. A tour escort at the end following all the cyclists.
  7. Home cooked authentic village lunch prepared by the farm families and guest.
  8. A village walk and interaction with some of the village traders shops and families and a short tractor fun ride.
  9. various activities at Cow rescue center
  10. A support vehicle with well-equipped emergency first aid kit and a standby bicycle and in case if a guest decides not to ride and relax for the rest of the tour.
  11. There will be a trained bicycle mechanic cum tour escort following all the riders throughout the tour.
  12. High tea with local snacks
  13. Souvenir
 Terms and Conditions- :
  1.  Booking is subject to availability.
  2.  Minimum 04 Persons required to confirm the booking.
  3.  Should be at least 12 years of age,
  4.  Please inform us at least 7days before the scheduled departure date.
  5. Please note Transfers from hotel to start and end point to Hotel is not included in the tour cost.

 Package Cost INR 5,200 per person

Minimum number of guests – 04
Maximum number of guests- 30

jaipur village visit with animal care
Jaipur Village Visit and Volunteering for Animal Care
Jaipur Village safari and Volunteering for Animal Care