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Physicality / Terrain
Amer Fort, Old City Culture, Photography

A bicycle trip to have a close look at Amber fort

Amber Fort is the best example of Jaipur’s magnificent architecture and sturdy forts. Certainly a bicycle trip around the Amber fort is the perfect way to start your day in the city of Jaipur. Furthermore, we offer you the most rewarding tour with the help of our highly experienced tour guides.  They are a pro when it comes to exploring the city on a cycle. The tour will start just opposite the Jalmahal and after multiple halts and site visits; it will end at the Anokhi Museum.

Jal Mahal, literally meaning Water Palace is a rest house with a majestic view built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in the eighteenth century. The Jalmahal is surrounded by a lake called Mansagar.

In the days of yore, it was an appropriate place for the royal caravan to rest, and refresh themselves after long expeditions. Moreover,  the palace proudly albeit benevolently overlooks the lake.

  • Surprisingly the lake is the favourite place for migratory birds and in the morning.
  • It is at the peak of its beauty in the morning with its tranquil waters coupled with pleasant chirping of colourful birds.


  • Jal Mahal Palace
  • Hiking on the mountain
  • Get a birds-eye view of the city
  • Experience the wonderful regal architecture
  • Discover an amazing blend of nature and culture.
Detailed Itinerary
6:30 am

Meeting at Jal Mahal

We begin our tour from Jal Mahal, with a short briefing. We ride through the lakefront interacting with people doing yoga exercises, feeding fishes and offering food to dogs.

The first rays of the sun reflected into the lake, majestic Jalmahal Palace, colourful migratory birds and the harmonious scenes of people feeding the animals- the entire experience offers you a heavenly experience transporting you to the bygone era when the life was unhurried and the people lived in harmony with nature.

7:00 am

Hike to the top of Mountain

Next, we will ride through the Kanak Ghati and you would feel the charm of mountains in the quiet environs of the early morning. As we complete the route and enter the Amber fort- it is certainly a spectacular experience as the Amber Fort emerges gracefully with all its majesty and grandeur. We can call this a perfectly overwhelming experience.

Hiking with Yoga:

Be ready for an easy hike to a rampart to see the perfect view of Amber Fort in the opposite direction

Looking at the big picture of this grand and sprawling palace bathed in the golden hues of the morning is an unforgettable experience. At this point of time, the tour leader will also offer his personal Yoga experience on a mountain top that further adds to the versatility of the experience.

7:45 am

Spot the Gentle Giants

Next, you can come down and be thrilled at the sights of the gentle giants- the Pachyderm elephants moving to the Amber Fort.

  • It also offers a visual symphony to look at the rows of these majestic giants entering into the grand palace of Amber Fort with a graceful gait
  • We would also halt at different points to watch as the mahawats (mahouts) decorate their elephants to offer them a beautiful look.
8:15 am

Get mesmerized with the beautiful architecture

Here we would halt to visit Jagat Shiromani temple built during the beginning years of the 17th century by Queen Kanakwati he wife of Maharaja Mansingh

  • Dedicated to the Indian Godhead Krishna and one of his most ardent devotees Mirabai the temple was built in the memory of Kanakwat’s son Jagat Singh.
  • Jagat Shiromani temple is a perfect example of Rajput architecture and you would love the specific architecture.

The same opportunity would be utilized for enjoying the views of private mansions of the old aristocrats known as Havelis that seems to be communicating in their quaint silent tone the magnificent tales of the royal era.

9:00 am

Concluding the trip at Ankohi Museum

Next, we will visit a water reservoir named Sagar. It is a perfect example of how the ancient people of the state used the best techniques for water harvesting.

We will next continue the cycle trip enjoying the way life slowly begins to catch pace on the road. Finally, the trip will end at Anokhi museum as we say farewell but not before enjoying a lively conversation over a lovely and filling breakfast were everyone will share their experiences enjoying good food.

As this lovely bicycle safari ends here we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Jaipur memoirs.


  1. Bottle of Mineral Water.
  2. Brand new geared Bicycle (Giant).
  3. Good Quality Helmets.
  4. One experienced bicycle captain leading the riders and one tour escort following the riding party to make sure all are riding safely.
  5. A Support Vehicle following the riders with a backup Cycle.
  6.  Refreshments – Packed Breakfast, Juices, Energy drinks, Tea, chocolates, fresh fruits.

Terms and Conditions- :

  1.  Booking is subject to availability.
  2.  Minimum 02 Persons and Maximum 10 Person are required to confirm the booking.
  3. Please inform us at least 24 Hrs before the scheduled departure Timings.
  4. We hold the right to club bookings from different source adding up-to a group size of 10 persons.
  5. Please note Transfers from the hotel to start and the endpoint is not included in the above cost.
  6. Late turn-up for more than 30 minutes from the scheduled meeting time will be considered as No Show.

 Package Cost INR 2,500 per person

Minimum number of guests – 02


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