Classic Rajasthan on Motorcycles 14 Days|13 Nights

What do we leave behind when we cross each frontier?
Each moment seems split in two, melancholy of what’s left behind and the excitement of entering a new land.
~Che Guevara

India is the land of forts and mansions but nowhere else you find history, culture and architecture in a symphony as it is in Rajasthan. Welcome to the land of Kings and Maharajas the brave chivalrous warriors. Glorious forts, palaces and the stunningly peaceful desert sand dunes. The fairy-tale like history of this bygone era kept young through the colorful culture of this land.

Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan
Experience a journey that is Rajasthan, not just a piece of land with manmade boundaries and a political map. Rajasthan is a journey in itself with every mile travelled; the traveler starts singing with an entity that is the soul of Rajasthan. The melancholy of birds singing in the morning, the dry Rajasthani winds the supple terrain the amicable personality of its people make the journey an exciting adventurous and graceful experience.
The tour is designed to make you see more of unexplored Rajasthan, riding for 5-6 hrs a day and spending rest of the day in exploring the place.

The Bike
Royal Enfield Classic 350cc is one of the most trusted and loved international motorcycle in the world. For the biker’s community around the world if the ride is long and the road is tough the bike has to be Royal Enfield. Its throttle and the kind of power it generates for the rider liberates the rider to take on the toughest terrain in the most comfortable riding experience.

The Destinations

Sambhar : Sāmbhar is the largest inland salt water lake in India located about 100 kilometers from the Pink City Jaipur. Apart from being one of the largest salt procuring reserves of India Sāmbhar is very popular amongst travelers. We travel to this historic land on our Royal Enfield Bullet 350 motorcycles which are in it a milestone in motorcycle diaries on this motorcycle excursion.

Jamba : In the middle of the Thar Desert Jamba is an adventurous experience. You can take a camel safari in the dunes or relax by the pool enjoy traditional Rajasthani dances arranged specially for you.

Kumbalgarh : A fantastic remote historical getaway near Udaipur boasts of its fortresses and temples dating back to the Mauryan age in 2nd century. The walls of the Kumbalgarh fort have never Kumbalgarh have never been breached. This undefeated fort has many brave stories to tell.

Bhadarjun : The town of Bhadrajun entails a historical and mythological account. The Bhadrajun fort was built by Thakur Ratan Singh who was the direct descendent of the Maharaja of Jodhpur. The folklore around Bhadrajun is linked to the epic of Mahabharata about how Shubhadra (Sister to the lord Krishna) and Arjun got secretly married here at Bhadrajun.

Ramgarh : The largest open art gallery in the world with the largest collection painted Havelis (Private mansions) Ramgarh has a unique artistic legacy. Explore the glory of the bygone era on foot discovering dozens of Havelis that sing the songs of opulence and prosperity.

Welcome to New Delhi!!! On your arrival at Delhi Airport you will be received by our representative and assisted till your room in your hotel. Arrive in Delhi at any time. There are no planned activities, so check into to the hotel and enjoy the city. Tonight, the adventure begins. Feel free to explore — later in evening at6:30 pm you will be having welcome meeting so make sure you’re back in time to meet your group and your Tour Captain who will review the details of your tripfollowed by dinner and overnight stay at hotel.
After breakfast drive to Jaipur, by late afternoon we welcome you to Jaipur with lunch, the tour captain will brief us about the city and its glorious history. By evening we can venture into the vibrant markets of Jaipur where we experience the colors of Rajasthan first hand as you find yourself maneuvering the streets like a local. We end the day with a traditional Rajasthani dinner and drive back to our hotel for the night.
Today, the adventure begins after a sumptuous breakfast, you will find your bullies 350 ready to Roar. It will be time to get familiar with your motorcycle. After an exhaustive briefing you’ll be taking a short ride (in an effort to know your bike better and to get familiar with its controls and riding conditions)
We ride straight to the Amber where you take an Elephant ride to the Palace. Seep in to the layers of history and get amazed by the architecture of this 16th century marvel. We bid farewell to the Amber fort as we head towards the city for a shopping tour in the markets. After a quick lunch we visit the City palace of Jaipur, the palatial residence of the Jaipur Royal family. We make a short visit to the Palace of winds (HawaMahal). Ride back to hotel, there is no such planned activity in evening but, if someone is interested in watching a bollywood movie, we recommend Raj Mandir cinema hall. Ride your bikes to our heritage hotel to check in for the night.
Distance 180 Kilometers Covered in 4-5 Hours
After a quick breakfast and a short briefing session with the tour captain you’ll kick-start your motorcycle tour and head towards Sāmbhar the mighty salt lake which the locals believe was gifted to us by the goddess Shekhambhari. At the lake you will find colorful camel carts going on their daily routine. The natives are very friendly people especially the children who love their pictures taken. We hop on our motorcycles again to ride the rusty terrain towards Pushkar. At Pushkar after lunch we check into our heritage hotel for the night.
Distance 320 Kilometers Covered in 6-7 Hours
Leaving behind the exotic Pushkar riding our motorcycles we precede through the busy streets of Pushkar towards the romantic city of Udaipur. The ride is long but has its surprises as we ride through the lush green Aravali mountain ranges and cross the several rivers to finally embrace the romantic of lakes. Freshen up before we ride out to a lakeside restaurant for dinner. The view of the lake is simply majestic as the lights shimmers down on the water painting an amazing picture. We ride back to our hotel for the night.
In the morning after our breakfast we ride to the Monsoon palace, the palatial residence of the Udaipur royal family on top of a mountain. Later we ride to the Fatehsagar Lake for a boat ride to the palace. After lunch we venture to the outskirts of the Udaipur city taking the country roads through the tribal areas near Udaipur. We ride back to our hotel for the night to prepare ourselves for the big ride tomorrow.
Distance 260 Kilometers Covered in 5-6 Hours
With an early breakfast we start riding towards the historic town of Bhadrajun as we ride our motorcycles across the open fields towards Bhadrajun. The town of Bhadrajun entails a historical and mythological account. The Bhadrajun fort was built by Thakur Ratan Singh who was the direct descendent of the Maharaja of Jodhpur. The folklore around Bhadrajun is linked to the epic of Mahabharata about how Shubhadra (Sister to the lord Krishna) and Arjun got secretly married here at Bhadrajun. We enjoy a sumptuous lunch at the Bhadrajun Fort Palace and check in to the Hotel for the night.
Distance 100 Kilometers Covered in 2-3 Hours
With a sumptuous breakfast we start riding through the rugged desert terrain to the city that is epitome for chivalry and bravery in the world. Ride your bikes to our Heritage hotel and get ready for a traditional Jodhpuri lunch. After lunch we ride our motorcycles to the mighty Mehrangarh fort. The fort museum is an open history book with every wall and gate has a story attached to it. Marvelous 15th century artifacts especially the palanquins are an important sight to see. Later in the evening we venture out in the vibrant busy markets of old city of Jodhpur, locals are awestruck as we throttle around town on our Royal Enfield motorcycles. Ride back to your hotel for dinner and get some required sleep for the night.
Distance 300 Kilometers Covered in 6-7 Hours
We leave Jodhpur after breakfast as we get ready for the big ride today as we ride this magnificent road towards the desert town of Jaisalmer. The riders will take a halt on the highway for a traditional lunch and then ride towards our destination. The quiet desert town of Jaisalmer still inhabited by generations of families living in the cozy lanes of the old town for the past 500 years. We check in to our Rajasthani hotel for the night.
Distance 200 Kilometers Covered in 4-5 Hours
With a quick breakfast we ride to the glorious Jaisalmer fort, this fort one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan was built in 12th century lined with windy lanes houses about 3000 people inside the fortress. There are ninety-nine bastions that are protecting the city walls for centuries. Riding through the dunes we ride to the remote town of Jamba, here we are welcomed like a king or queen as we check in to our hotel for the night.
Distance 135 Kilometers Covered in 3-4 Hours
After a sumptuous breakfast we get ready for another day riding in the dunes as we ride our motorcycles through the Thar Desert. The rusty road has many surprises, if lucky one can spot the Great Indian Bustard an endangered bird species which can be spotted in the journey. We reach the dust swirling town of Bikaner in time for lunch and we check into our hotel for the night. In evening we venture out for our camel safari in the dunes. We return to our hotel for dinner and to get some rest for the night to prepare ourselves for the big ride tomorrow.
Distance 270 Kilometers Covered in 5-6 Hours
From the land of sand dunes and desert ride your motorcycles to the symbol of opulence in Rajasthan, the Shekhavati region of Rajasthan. This region has earned the sobriquet of the largest Open art gallery in the world for its numerous artistically painted Havelis. Ramgarh a small town full of opulent private mansions (Havelis) that dates as long as two hundred years ago. We check in to our hotel at lunch, our abode for the night the Hotel Ramgarh Fresco a palace turned heritage hotel famous all over the world for the open collection of heritage paintings, murals and Frescos. With dinner where we celebrate this journey and bid goodbye to the lovely companions our Royal Enfield Motorcycles.
With a sumptuous breakfast we take a guided tour around the town and visit the markets and Havelis and learn more about this marvelous town and other stories associated with it. With a warm goodbye to Rajasthan we drive to the city of mystery and mayhem Delhi.

As the lovely time spent on our motorcycles ends here, we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Rajasthan memoirs.

Day Destination Hotels About the property
1 New Delhi To be advised The hotel in Delhi will be a centrally located 3Star hotel.
2 & 3 Jaipur To be advised The hotel in Jaipur will be a centrally located 3Star/Heritage hotel.
4 Pushkar Lohana Resort This resort gives you the luxury of being In a serene and calm atmosphere with hills and greenery Surrounding the place. The gooseberry orchards planted around Defying the beauty of this resort. You find yourself some Relief in a contemporary pool with the luxury of enjoying a Sun bath in the Jacuzzi right outside your room.
5 & 6 Udaipur Hotel Mahendra Prakash Enter through the gates of Mahendra Prakash into an oasis of Rajasthani tradition, culture, safety and comfort. Situated on Lake Palace Road overlooking the Sajan Niwas Gardens.
7 Bhadarjun Bhadarjun Fort The fort combines contemporary facilities with timeless luxury and the splendor of the mediaeval period – the heyday of Bhadrajun.
8 Jodhpur Hotel Polo Heritage The heritage of Indian Polo is highlighted by the history of Indian Polo as shown in all rooms and the library of the hotel. Facilities for polo riding and coaching are available at the Jodhpur polo ground.
9 Jaisalmer To be advised The hotel in Jaisalmer will be a centrally located 3 Star/ Heritage hotel.
10 Jamba Dera Dune Retreat Dera Dune Retreat, Jamba offers an opportunity to experience this perfection in the stunning barrenness of the desert landscape where you can feel the exquisite beauty around you take over all your senses.
11 Bikaner To be advised The hotel in Bikaner will be a centrally located 3 Star/ Heritage hotel.
12 Ramgarh Ramgarh Fresco Ramgarh Fresco, a beautifully restored old haveli (mansion) with lovely frescoes. It is ideally located to explore the entire Shekhawati region.

Please note: Hotel availability is given at the time of inquiry being processed. We will take every effort to block the rooms in the proposed hotels. However final confirmation of proposed hotels will be subject to availability on receiving final confirmation.

  1. Hotel accommodation on Twin Sharing on C.P (Bed & Breakfast) basis.
  2. Royal Enfield Motorcycle 350cc rented motorcycle including fuel, oil and minor repairs & spares
  3. An experienced motorcycle road captain for the trip.
  4. Back up vehicle where you can keep your luggage & other items.
  5. All necessary spare parts for the Royal Enfield.
  6. Necessary first aid box available at all times with the backup vehicle.
  7. Road tax, toll charges and fuel charges for the whole journey.
  8. The mentioned cost is inclusive of all taxes.
Terms and Conditions- :
  1.  Booking is subject to availability.
  2. Minimum 02 Persons are required to confirm the booking.
  3. Travel insurance is not included in the cost.
  4. An amount of Rs 20,000 as security deposit (fully refundable) has to be paid.
  5. Lunch and dinner expenses are not included in the above cost.
  6. Alcoholic beverages’ cost does not include the package and the riders are responsible for the same cost.
  7. Riders will not be allowed to ride under the influence of alcohol.
  8. Although first aid help will be at the disposal of the rider, any hospitalization or other medical expenses will be borne by the rider himself/herself.