How to do Cycle tours in India?
Cycling tour Packages in India

You only live twice. Once when you are born and next when you are on Bicycle.

No windshields and no metal roofs, it’s only the cycle where you are in direct contact with Mother Nature and that too at a moderated pace. Compared to other vehicular mediums, a Cycle allows you to interact with people and listen to their stories more frequently and more intimately. And when travel and cycle is combined together then you can’t ask for a better adventure. It’s high time that you plan your next trip on a bicycle and explore your city, state and your country. Enjoy your cycle tour to the fullest by combining it with your best buddies.

Pedal to Heritage

Cycling in Heritage city

Every city, like its people, has their own persona which is shaped by stories and history of hundreds of years. That loads of history is told every time you cycle through the lanes of Indian cities to some heritage sites and local bazaars. Come roll on a bicycle to get a first-hand experience of life in Indian cities. 

Cycling adventures trip in Rajasthan – Tour by Le Tour de India. Explore Rajasthan on Bicycles, it becomes more interesting when we hop on a bicycle and paddle to experience the world and people first hand.

India on Bicycle

Bicycling in India

Cycling through the length and breadth of India be it Golden sand dunes of Rajasthan, Majestic mountains of Himalayas, Beaches in God’s own country ‘Kerala’ or the Forests of North east India is an incredible mix of adventure travel where you get to explore the majestic forts, monasteries, snow capped mountains and temples. In addition, we get a wholesome treat of traditional culture, delicious food, peace loving people, multi-hued attires, picturesque landscapes and loads of love.

Country Roads and Camping

Village cycle tour

You cannot ask for a better trip than a cycling when it comes to going through the county roads. These cycle tours take you to the countryside life where you get to talk to the locals, prepare traditional food with them and enjoy local cuisine followed by a sound sleep in a Hut/Camp or in a village Royal Fort.

Wildlife Cycle Safari

wildlife Cycle tour

It’s better not to ruin the peace of a forest while enjoying it during your travel. So cycle, being a non-motorable vehicle, is best to explore a wildlife. Cycle down to some of the landscapes and in return, you will get to see some best ecosystems in the Western Ghats, Kerala, Munnar, Coorg, Darjeeling, Satpura Mountains in dense forests of Madhya Pradesh, Aravali hills & Desert Ecosystem in Rajasthan.

So this is how you explore on a bicycle in India and learn to lead a charming lifestyle.


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