What to Explore In Pushkar Rajasthan
Trip to Pushkar Rajasthan

As the season changes and winter are here to delight with its striking colors. Travelers are ready to head to the royal state of Rajasthan which sparkles with all the powerful colors of winter that match with its golden sand and traditional ambiance. Being cycle traveler and a road captain at  ‘Le Tour De India’ we’ve pedaled the length and breadth of royal Rajasthan and have come across some splendid spheres here. Pushkar, the holy town, is the place we’ve explored the most and still find it mystic.

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Here “Le Tour De India” has picked up some essential things to do when in Pushkar, so whether you are a cyclist, a Motorcyclist or a backpacker, take your pick and enjoy your next trip to Pushkar.

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Nestled amidst of Aravali hills this town inherits its name from the lake situated in its center which has my theological importance. The tranquil town tempts everyone, be it a backpacker, a solo wanderer, a hitch hiker, a biker or a cyclist with all its serene sanctity. So here is our travel blog on what-to-explore-in-Pushkar

1. Stroll & Shop

Explore the exotic markets of Pushkar by walking around and roaming through narrow lanes. Just don your hat and sport your shades on and you’re good to go. You will be left eye-struck by the shops of big oil paintings, beaded jewelry, flashy trinkets and traditional wears among others. Be smart and earn your Bargain.

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2. Shoot & Scoot

The pristine countryside, golden sand, houses with hued walls, rippling waves of the holy lake, children diving into the lake, painters with their strokes, preachers offering prayers, gypsies playing the chords and walls with graffiti all these eye-striking scenes waits for the apertures of your cameras to be opened up and your focus.
So just fix your camera lenses in, zoom in and out, choose your angle and click. You’ve got it… a memory for life!!

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3. Soak in the Spiritual stint

If you are a Spirituality Seeker then you’ve descended at the right place. This holy town, with a whopping number of as many as thousands temples, gives appealing vibes to every religious devotee. Visit the only temple of Lord ‘Brahma’ on earth and ‘Rangji’ temple and listen to the mythological stories sitting on the 52 ‘Ghats’ (steps) of the holy ‘Sarovar’ (lake).

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4. Sublime Sunset:

Walk to the Jaipur Ghat and complacently watch the shining Sun setting down and pouring its scintillating rays down in the unruffled holy lake. Spend your evening here with this enchanting view and with daily traditional music performances that will put you into a trance.

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5. Splurge on local cuisine

Devour on the delectable delicacies and quench your gustatory sensations here. If you have a sweet tooth then ‘Maalpua’ (Indian Pancake) is here with all its crisp and sweetness. Made of refined flour and lavish with pure clarified butter, is served hot and properly baked.For some spicy flavors go for ‘’Falafel Wraps’’, the flat bread stuffed with tomatoes and chopped vegetables with curd spread.And for the love of some Italian, French and Mexican food temptations head to some restaurants, splashed with technicolor graffiti, like La Pizzeria, Nirvana rooftop restaurant, and Pink Floyd.

Splurge on Local Cuisine

Pushkar has a great public transport connectivity. It’s Just 14 km far from Ajmer city and 140 km far from Jaipur city. With a festive season ahead and a nice weather for travel, plan your trip to romp in this place which is a great confluence of spirituality and modernity.


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