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Colors of Rajasthan on Bicycles 15 Night | 16 Days Colors-of-Rajasthan-Bike-Tour

Ride through some of the most classical and historical cities and towns of Rajasthan. Pedal cutting across the villages and towns, learning and adapting to live life the Rajasthani way. Meeting and interacting with different communities and distinct artisans that helped preserve this glorious culture.

The People of Rajasthan

We get to experience Rajasthani culture first hand when we interact with the locals, we try to understand their lifestyle and learn some fun ways to lead a simple yet comfortable life.
A fully supported ride with support staff such as a tour captain to help you attain the necessary motivation required to pedal this journey of Royal Rajasthan. We will be transported with our bikes to a location in the outskirts of the cities to avoid city traffic and ensure a comfortable royal ride.

A fully supported ride

A fully supported ride with our experienced tour captains and gracious drivers who are Natives of this land. Who will takes great care and helps you attain the necessary motivation required to pedal this journey of Royal Rajasthan.
An exclusive opportunity to discover the great state of Rajasthan as it is known to its natives. This Cycling tour discovering the colors of Rajasthan entails riding through the Thar Desert of Rajasthan all the way to the Lush green Aravalli Hills.
Total Riding Distance: 450 Kilometers

To Maximize Exploration at all the Destinations

We get transferred to a location in the outskirts of the cities where we find our bikes ready. We ensure a comfortable and royal ride in scenic back roads of Rajasthan and ride between 7 AM – to 12PM or till Lunch Time rest of the distance we drive in our Luxury Vehicle.
Non-Riding Days: A few days have been included in the Itinerary as non-riding days in certain cities. To help you relax or set out for an independent exploration of the city.
Bus Transfers: In this programme we cover over 25 major attractions over a course of 16 days. To ensure best of the riding experience we cycle between 7 AM to 12 PM or till lunch time and rest of the journey is travelled in the bus to maximise the exploration.


Stay in some of the best boutique properties known for their old charm, personalized services, Location are tastefully selected and on some special days exotic Forts and palaces now converted into heritage hotels, are included for Stay in this program.

On your arrival you will be greeted with representative of Le Tour De India holding a placard of your name at the airport exit gate, drive to a comfortable hotel in the heart of New Delhi. New Delhi is the mogul of Indian cities. The national capital has an abundance of chic cafes and historic buildings. Your day in New Delhi There is no planned activity today and the day is left to your leisure for you to shape your Delhi experience. Grab a map from the hotel desk and decide whether you want to grab a seat at a cultural event or relax in a cozy café. Necessary arrangements can be made on request. You can choose to just lie in your room and recover from the weariness of your flight. Just Make sure you are in Hotel for Evening meeting with Tour Captain and other fellow riders followed by dinner in some good restaurant nearby
Hotel : Royal Plaza
About Hotel : The hotel in Delhi will be a centrally located 5Star hotel.

Total Distance:- 231 Kilometers After a quick breakfast we start the adventur and head towards the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan famous for its magnificently painted Havelis (private mansions). The region is also recognized as an open art gallery for its world renowned largest collection of Frescos. Check into your hotel in Mandawa and feast over an exhaustive menu of Shekhawati cuisines. After come out in the sun for a guided tour of the magnificent Havelis of Mandawa. The small town of Mandawa is home to some of the most lavishly painted Havelis, one particularly famous for a painting of the Maharaja stroking his moustache. Overnight at your hotel in Mandawa.
Hotel : Castel Mandawa
About Hotel : One of the optimum Heritage and Luxury destinations to experience the beauty of Rajasthan. Enjoy your stay with the Royal Treatment!!

Total Distance – 280 Kilometers Cycling Distance 50 Kilometers Covered in 5 Hours Ride to Tal Chappar With an early breakfast at your hotel get ready for your bicycles waiting to be ridden in the long lost scorns of time that lapses Shekhawati region. Riding further west, heading towards the rugged terrain of the Tal Chappar Sanctuary, an abode for a variety of distinct species of migratory birds. Tal Chappar Bird Sanctuary In the outskirts of Churu is a bird sanctuary that lay in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Popular for distinct migratory species of birds and full of exotic animals like blackbucks on the fringes of the Thar Desert. Take a birding tour of the sanctuary, a great opportunity for birding enthusiasts. Distinct species of birds like Montagu’s Harrier, Kestrel, White Eyed Buzzard, Imperial Eagle, and Sparrow Hawk etc are few of the many vibrant species of birds for you to see. Drive to Bikaner After an exhaustive birding tour proceed to the dust swirling desert town of Bikaner. Check in to your cozy comfortable hotel room to shed all the weariness of your travels. . In late evening we let ourselves dwell in the vibrant market streets of Bikaner and do some food tastings of Bikaner’s world famous street delicacies.
Hotel : Maharaja Ganga Mahal Palace
About Hotel : Previously the palace of the Maharajas of yesteryears, this grand residence has opened its doors to discerning travellers.

Total Distance – 180 Kilometers Cycling Distance 50 kilometers Covered in 4-5 Hours Early in the morning after breakfast drive to the devotional land of extra ordinary story tellers. The extraordinaire of this land are the rodents of the much talked about temple of Deshnoke. These rats are believed to be the story tellers of the goddess Karni. These Rats create a riot in the temple premises, but don’t ever harm any visitor. After a short visit to the temple we will ride the amazing Land of Marwar, crossing many small villages we ride for 50 kilometers to Khichan. Your Day at Khichan Khichan a winter abode for large number of migratory species of birds. The most noticeable species of migratory birds is the Demoiselle Cranes that migrate to Khichan all the way from Mongolia during winters. At Khichan check into the Kurja Resort, an exquisite accommodation in the desert at the heart of the bird spotting areas of Khichan. Evening take a short walk of the village, You will understand the power of ‘Time’ marvelous architecture and hand carved Private mansions left abandoned and people moved away. The age old locals will tell the story of how these birds chosen this village and why people moved away from this village. Evening Relish over some delectable local cuisines prepared by the Kurja Resort kitchen.
Hotel : Kurja Resort
About Hotel : Built in the heart of the “bird view point” the resort is a great way to relax in this romantic setting of nature and beautiful landscape with fresh air taking away all the weariness of your travels. The Kurja Resort offers a wide range of luxury suites and cozy tented accommodations and the staff makes sure you have a comfortable and memorable experience.
Total Distance – 170 Kilometers The Ride to Pokaran Cycling Distance 60 Kilometers Covered in 5 Hours With a quick breakfast, drive to the Khichan’s bird feeding ground known as ‘Chujja Ghar’ with the first ray of Sun light thousands of birds start covering the sky, while few people start spreading 1500 kgs of wheat grain on the ground. They make loud noise and wait for the Handicapped bird to sit on the ground and then rest all settle down. After this impressive sequence , This day entails riding through the semi arid region of Rajasthan. This route will be full of riding through the village fields fenced with desert berry shrubs. Today’s ride is mostly flat undulating rusty terrain. While ride across villages, pass a few nomadic tribes moving their livelihood every few months. Certainly you share the love for the life on the road with them. Pokaran Hospitality This 14th century citadel, stands as a paragon amidst the Thar Desert. Surrounded by rock sandy and salt ranges Pokaran is called the land of Five mirages. The Imperial kitchen of the palace will be preparing a course of traditional royal cuisine of Pokaran for you to feast upon.
Hotel : Gorbandh Palace/similar
About Hotel : In this luxurious Royal Retreat you can enjoy all modern-day amenities in an authentic Rajasthani ambience.
Total Distance – 50 Kilometers Cycling Distance 40 Kilometers Covered in 3-4 Hours Morning we scheduled a walking tour of Jaisalmer Fort which is one of the largest fully preserved fortified cities in the world, Walk into the deepest layers of history in this land of Rajasthan. Later ride Deep into the Thar Desert to the land of Sam, surrounded by beautiful dunes painting the landscape with the soft sand. With a short ride of 40 kilometers we reach Sam and check into a Luxury desert camp. Your Day at Sam After some great time riding through the dunes of Sam, get ready for a feast prepared by local chefs in the traditional style of the Rajasthan desert. Later you are invited for high tea – followed by a camel safari through the dunes of sam.
Hotel : Desert Camping
About Hotel : Accommodation in Sam will be a Luxury desert camp to experience this perfection in the stunning barrenness of the desert landscape where you can feel the exquisite beauty around you take over all your senses.
Total Distance – 330 Kilometers Cycling Distance 40 Kilometers Covered in 3-4 Hours This morning after breakfast get ready to spend the next few hours in the most exciting trails, pedaling through the semi-arid region of Rajasthan cycling through barley fields, interacting gracious people in their colorful attire and innocent school children. We ride a short trail early morning and later drive to Jodhpur. By the late afternoon check in to your heritage hotel and take a short visit to the mighty Mehrangarh fort with short walk through the old city. Mehrangarh fort is a unique fort standing tall above the city of Jodhpur on top a cliff. The museum at Mehrangarh has preserved many historic artifacts from the bygone era along with the preserved culture and history of this land. for the night overlooking the magnificent Mehrangarh fort.
Hotel : Ranbanka Palace
About Hotel : This magnificent palace hotel regales and grips with its many old world charms and modern offerings. Ranbanka Palace showcases Jodhpur’s authentic flavors, history, luxury and cultural heritage amidst contemporary comforts.
Total Distance – 180 Kilometers The Ride Distance 60 Kilometers Covered In 4-5 Hours Bid adieu to Jodhpur after a quick breakfast, We drive to the outskirts of Jodhpur and further ride our bicycles into the Aravali range of Rajasthan. Step into the mystic devotional land of Ranakpur. Ranakpur is home to several ancient Jain temples. The temple of the mighty Adinatha has above 1444 pillars holding the enormous structure of the temple. Overnight stay in Rankpur nestled in Aravali Muntains.
About Hotel : Luxury Resort Nestled in lash green Aravali mountains.

The Ride Distance 50 Kilometers covered in 5-6 Hours This day entails a long strenuous climb of 4o kilometers from Ranakpur. Wake up to the shimmering sun on top of the hill in Ranakpur. After a quick breakfast get ready for a day filled with thrill and adrenaline. Start riding on the gravel path up the mountains on this menacing road that will test your stamina as well as your bike handling skills. The Ride to Udaipur Over 7 days of riding bicycle across Rajasthan will mend you in perfect shape to take on this challenging course. After a long stretch of climbs and hairpin curves reach Udaipur where our delicious lunch awaits. Treat yourselves for completing this mammoth bicycle ride. After lunch drive towards the City of Lakes. Evening relax near like side luxury hotel with a terrific view of the setting sun drowning in Lake-Pichola.
Hotel : Lake Pichola/Similar
About Hotel : Enter through the gates of old city of Udaipur into an oasis of Rajasthani tradition, culture, safety and comfort. Situated on the bank of Lake Pichola Road overlooking the old city.
Wake up to the Udaipur morning with the sun lights that makes the lake water looks like sparkling pool of diamonds. This day has been awarded to you as a rest day to help you shed all the weariness from over 10 days on riding your bicycles across Rajasthan. Your Day at Udaipur A relaxing day in the city of Udaipur will give you enough time to explore the romantic city of Udaipur. You can choose to relax at your hotel or venture out on your own in the streets of Udaipur. A visit to the City Palace of Udaipur is highly recommended, if one is keen about the local culture they can take a ropeway to the local goddesses temple on top of a hill or an evening boat ride in Lake Pichola. These arrangements can be made with the help of our Tour Captain.
Total Distance – 270 Kilometers No Cycling With sumptuous breakfast we drive out from city of Lake’s to to the eccentric land of Pushkar Your Day in Pushkar We reach Pushkar by afternoon, time for our visit to the Pushkar Camel Fair. The Pushkar Camel Fair is an annual five day camel and livestock fair. It is also the world’s largest camel fair. Here we can participate in many traditional customary games with local such as “MatkaPhod”and a chance to witness the “Longest Moustache Competition”. The fair has documented over 100000 visitors since the early 1900s and still growing every year. By late evening venture out in the streets of Pushkar for a guided city walk. Overnight at the hotel in Pushkar.
Hotel : Pushkar Bagh/similar
About Hotel : The Pushkar Bagh is an ideal base to explore pushkar desert life, culture and landscape of breathtaking beauty.
Total Distance – 270 Kilometers 30 km covered in 5-6 Hours The Ride After checking out from Udaipur, set out on an exploration bike safari in this region. This ride entails throug the Aravali Mountains visiting the 8th century ‘Ekling Ji’ Tample on the way. Later relax in your chartered vehicle driving to the eccentric land of Pushkar. Your Day in Pushkar We reach Pushkar by late afternoon in time for our visit to the Bramha Temple of Pushkar also the Pushkar Lake. The Bramha Temple is unique for being the only temple in the world dedicated to Lord Bramha(The god of all creation). By late evening venture out in the streets of Pushkar for a guided city walk. Overnight at the hotel in Pushkar.
Hotel : Pushkar Bagh/similar
About Hotel : The Pushkar Bagh is an ideal base to explore pushkar desert life, culture and landscape of breathtaking beauty.
Total Distance – 150 Kilometers The Ride Distance 60 Kilometers covered in 5-6 Hours After a quick breakfast hop on your bicycles and ride all the way to Kishangarh. Today’s ride involves taking many off road stretches riding through farmlands and traditional villages. Stopovers at a farmer’s house where you will be served freshly milked tea from the farm. Lunch at Sawarda Fort Riding through the country roads reach the imperial palace of Sawarda. The royal family of the chieftains in Sawarda continues the legacy of royalty and chivalry. You are welcomed in Sawarda with a delicious home cooked meal straight from the royal kitchen. After a sumptuous royal meal take a walk about the Sawarda village and discover the land’s culture and craft. Walk continues to the riverside farm house of the Sawarda family where we relish over high tea with an amazing view of the river and farmlands. By late afternoon in the twilight of the setting sun drive to the Pink City, Jaipur. Check in to your heritage hotel in Jaipur.
Hotel : Ikaki Niwas/similar
About Hotel : A home hotel with convenient location and tastefully decorated rooms with all modern amenities and swimming pool. IkakiNiwas offers luxuries of a hotel blended with the warmth of a family.
Jaipur has earned the sobriquet of pink city when the old walled city was painted in the signature terracotta pink to welcome the Prince of Whales in 1853. Bike Tour of the Pink City Start early for the “Pedal to heritage” It’s a unique way to explore the pink city by waking up the way this beautiful city does. An interesting way to rediscover the ancient culture and architecture of Jaipur on a bike. This bicycle tour is designed to give you a traditional perspective of how the morning time develops in the beautiful historical walled city of Jaipur. we cover 9 kms within the old city, trying some of the famous food joints of Jaipur, passing by some of narrow lanes which is an interesting way to rediscover the ancient culture and architecture of Jaipur on a bike. Your Day in Jaipur After the bike tour of the Jaipur city, we take a guided tour of 11th century ‘Amer Town’ and the megnificent Amber Fort, the rest of the day is at leisure. In your free time you can choose to watch a bollywood movie at the Raj Mandir (A palatial cinema theater) or venture out in the busy markets of the old city, bustling with art and culture. In the evening we have planed a cooking demo with a local family to show you the chemistry of mixing love & spices for making the delicious Indian food followed by dinner. This day also marks the end of this amazing tour of Rajasthan on bicycles. Celebrate this journey with your new found friends and talk about the life long memories that you will cherish for years to come.
Total Distance – 260 Kilometers (6Hours Drive) In the morning after breakfast we start driving towards Agra en-route we visit the famous Chand Baori (Step well) in Abhaneri. The massive step well built to conserve rainwater is 20 m deep with 13 levels, is considered deepest and largest step well in India. Marvelous carvings on the steps make it to be an excellent piece of architecture. The step well stands as an amazing display of ancient engineering. The geometric step pattern gives fascinating and surprising experience to the tourists. Your evening in Agra We reach Agra by late afternoon just in time to visit the Agra fort, the Agra Fort was the residence of the Mughal kings till the late 17th century. The 380,000-square-metre (94-acre) fort has a semicircular plan, its chord lies parallel to the river and its walls are seventy feet high. Overnight at your hotel in Agra.
Hotel : Crystal Sarovar Premiere / Similar
About Hotel : The hotel in Agra will be a centrally located modern 4 Star hotel.
Total Distance – 220 Visit the Symbol of Love Leave early after breakfast as we drive to the symbol of love the TajMahal. You are given a guided tour of the Taj as we learn more about the history and stories about this magnificent embodiment of love and all great things. Bid adieu to the Taj and drive to Delhi. Tonight we celebrate this momentous journey with our travelling buddies for the new found love for India.
Hotel : Redfox Aero City /Similar
About Hotel : The hotel on the last day will be 5 star. Located in proximity to the International Airport.
The morning after breakfast marks the end of this wonderful journey. Our team will drop you to the Airport in time for your flight back home. If you have any other travel arrangements to be made, you can get in touch with the tour captain to facilitate the rest of your time in India.

As the lovely time spent riding our bicycles across Rajasthan ends here, we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Rajasthan memoirs.



  • Accommodation as mentioned in Hotels Section.
  • Charted Luxury vehicle for the complete tour.
  • All Breakfast
  • 05 Dinner
  • Light Refreshment, fruits, cookies, juices en-route during cycling.
  • Bottle of Mineral water in Vehicle.
  • Tour escort – An accompanying well experienced cycling Adventurist , who have sound knowledge of all major routes, regularly doing adventure tours, cycling tours, well to do in First aid and on spot cycle maintenance.
  • Rikshaw Ride in Delhi
  • Guided Village walk in Mandawa, Pushkar Khichan
  • Camel ride in Sam dunes followed by folk dance and musical Night performance.
  • Guided Heritage walk in Jaisalmer and Udaipur
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Boat ride in Udaipur at Lake Pichola
  • Entry Ticket of Taj Mahal
  • A support vehicle following the riders with a stand-by Bicycle.
  • New High Quality Mountain bikes (Giant).
  • High Quality Helmets.
  • Local Guides at all destinations.
  • All Taxes


  • Personal expenses such as laundry, tips, liquor, joy rides, Portages.
  • Vaccinations and personal medication.
  • Travel insurance policy, visa.
  • Any Train tickets and flight tickets.
  • Compulsory travel insurances, such as repatriation assistance which covers you in case of any accident in India – legal assistance
  • Monument entry and Camera Tickets.
  • Any meal not motioned in what Includes.
  • Christmas Eve and New Years Eve event fees


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17/11/2022 – 02/12/2022
(16 days)
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15/12/2022 – 30/12/2022
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    February 3, 2019

    2 week cycle tour Rajasthan

    An amazing tour through the countryside of Rajasthan. Cycling through villages, drinking chai on the roadside with the locals, observing the day to day life of the local communities. Umesh was a great guide, very knowledgeable and accommodating to all of our groups needs. The support vehicle was always on hand for snacks and flat tires…more

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    April 22, 2018


    A big thank you to Kush and his team! I booked a solo, multiple-stop tour in Rajasthan and it was managed extremely well throughout. I had a total of 4 guides, each an expert in their field/location, friendly and helpful and they were flexible based on my interests. The hotels booked through Le Tour D’India (Jaipur and audacious) were in excellent locations, comfortable, with lots of charm, clean and with great service. I had a truly memorable trip. Very highly recommended. – EAP99, London, United Kingdom

    (0) (0)
    February 8, 2016

    Excellent guide, bicycles and a really cool way to experience Rajasthan!

    I had never done a tour before but after everyone told me that India was a difficult country to travel in by yourself I thought I would have a look at available tours. When I saw a two week bicycling in Rajasthan tour with only one spot left, I decided it might be more interesting than the usual travel tour. It definitely was! First of all our guide, Kush was amazing (I am not sure how much he slept for those two weeks!)…more

    (0) (0)
    February 4, 2016

    Experiencing the REAL Rajasthan

    I thoroughly enjoyed my 15 day cycle tour through Rajasthan and I would highly recommend such a tour to anyone who wishes to discover the ‘real’ India. After arriving in Delhi, I was a little apprehensive about beginning the tour the following day given the hectic traffic I had seen on the way from the airport to the hotel. However, cycling in India is very manageable when you are with such a well organized tour as those run by Le Tour De India and G-Adventures…more

    (0) (0)
    January 16, 2016

    Excellent tour leader

    Kush is an extremely helpful and proactive cycle tour leader. He makes sure that everyone is feeling comfortable and taken care of both on and off the bikes. I highly recommend the cycle tours through the villages of Rajasthan. – Hannah W

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