Cycle Tour in Jaipur the pink city Rajasthan
Pink City Jaipur tour

Jaipur is a Heritage city with Rich culture tradition and heritage. Riding a bicycle is a great way to discover a city. Pedal tours provide you a sea of opportunities to discover a city as it is known to its natives. * Cycle Tour in Jaipur Cycle Tour in Jaipur the pink city Rajasthan. *
There are numerous untold stories about a city, which you come to learn when you are on a bicycle, you not only discover a place but see the real colors of this vibrant historic city.

A bicycle tour can be a great way to discover Jaipur and have an experience that you might miss out while in a car. The morning city bicycle tour is designed to give a traditional perspective of the Jaipur Morning time in the beautiful and historical city of Jaipur.

It is an exploration cum historic experience tour of the old city of Jaipur. On bicycles where we pedal through the old city’s narrow lanes as we ride through the pages of history. Get to catch a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Jaipur’s local and also learn how the morning time develops in the city of Jaipur.

Ride your bikes to the palace temple and participate in the morning Shringar Aarti with the locals. Cycling tours also include short walks like in the local farmer’s vegetable market where you try to bargain and buy some fresh organic fruits and vegetables like a local.

For food lovers: Experience the Jaipur street food like a local, ride your bike through to some of most sought after and highly acclaimed food joints. The food outlets are handpicked for your city ride to provide you the much-required energy for the bicycle tour of the pink city.

The Real exploration of Jaipur: Hop on a bike and maneuver the streets like a Jaipurite through the old Havelis (Private Mansions) and sacred Temples within the streets of the walled city of Jaipur. Participate in the morning prayers with the devotees in the palace temples.

The Cycling tour of Jaipur is growing up to be one of a unique popular way to discover the Pink City. The enigma unravels as one traverses through the mystic narrow lanes. Travellers who opt for the cycling tour describe the experience as a fresh new way to engage with the local culture and practices. And who was once a stranger, becomes a part of the city.
A bike tour is a great way to break away from the annoyance of regular group tours in India. It is the most peaceful way to enjoy your holiday without the bustle of commercial tourism. Why travel halfway across the world just to end up in an equally chaotic environment.

A city bike tours give a local perspective to the visitor. The traveler can see from the native’s point of view how the mood of the city develops and what do the locals love about their city which is not just limited to the tourist spots.
India is a land of legends and stories. The Tales can be of heroic kings and stories of some of the greatest wars ever fought. When you are on a bike you get to listen to these stories from the real people that can be any one from a temple priest to a naive housewife.

Le Tour De India has been conducting city tours in Jaipur, Udaipur and 10 – 15 Days long cycling tours across Rajasthan for the past 4 years.


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