Adventure Activities in Rajasthan
Adventure Activities in Rajasthan

Jaipur Horse Riding Adventure

Jaipur Horse Riding Adventure
An opportunity to ride back into time with the pure-breed Marwari horses near Jaipur. These horses are the pride of Rajasthan with heroic stories of utmost loyalty to their masters, especially in the Time of war.
An adventurous true equestrian experience riding Marwari horses of Rajasthan through forests and village fields. The ride begins with a Jeep ride to our stud farm. Through secret and very less traveled country roads.

Brief visits to the ancient Hanuman Temple while our horses rest and rejuvenate themselves at a local water shelter. In the village school, there is a unique interactive session with the kids. It will be interesting to see who learns from whom.

Hop again on your horses to ride straight to the Imperial Farm of the royal family. As the lunch is being prepared at the royal kitchen, relax poolside as we discuss enigmatic tales about the land.
After a delectable royal meal, ride the Jeep to the Royal Fort of Boraj. High Tea will be served on top of the Gazebo. At the Fort enjoy the panoramic view of the land.

Rajasthan on Motorcycles

Jaipur Puchkar Motorbike tour
The Motorcycle tour of Rajasthan is not just about nonchalantly riding motorcycles across a piece of land. It is about a journey where one traverses through centuries of rich and varied heritage.
On the mighty Royal Enfield Motorcycles with thundering engines like a beat to the songs of Rajasthan. This music is the mix of adventure and the spirit of the hospitality of Rajasthan.
Our Royal Enfield motorcycles are best suited to the rugged rusty semi arid terrain of Rajasthan. Only with the company of this mighty motorcycle, you make the most of this journey.
On these week long tours, we ride through the lesser known routes, not usually featured on regular tourist maps.

This journey entails staying at some really exotic locations like:

Mandawa: Named as the world’s largest open art gallery. Mandawa is the largest collection of frescos and paintings inscribed on its various mansions.

Khimsar: Imagine an oasis with all the luxuries in the world, you imagine Khimsar. Nestled in the midst of sand dunes of western Rajasthan, Khimsar captures your imagination with its centuries old heritage.

Bijaipur: A peaceful fort palace in eastern Rajasthan in the middle of a forest. Bijaipur is a lesser known treasure for every traveler visiting Rajasthan.

Sāmbhar Sawarda Motorcycle Tour

Sambhar Sawarda Motorcycle Tour
Begin this ride in Jaipur on your shiny Royal Enfield Motorcycles. What awaits us is a day full of riding through the scenic landscape and village fields all the way to the Sāmbhar Salt Lake.
This journey has several pit stops so that you make the most of your ride while exploring as much as you ride through the rusty rugged terrain of Rajasthan.

Riding Royal Enfield Motorcycles across the Sāmbhar Salt Lake gives you an empowering feeling. The landscape is a long stretch of nothingness. Yet the feeling that you get is fulfilling in itself.
Our love affair with the Rajasthani country roads continues on the way to Fort Sawarda. And the entire route is ready to be taken over by our Motorcycles.

Reaching Sawarda right in time for a delectable lunch meal prepared in the royal kitchen. Followed by a walk in the village and discover the passionate craftsmanship and artistry long forgotten in modern cities.
The time comes to a pause when we sit on top of a gazebo where high tea is served. It is not just the Masala Tea that is for you to relish it is also the entirety of Sawarda that is to be experienced here.

Ride back with the yellow twilight in the open sky acting as a guiding factor and fresh air brushing against our faces. Only a journey like this one can connect a person to the land.

Jaipur Sariska Motorcycle Tour

Jaipur Sariska Motorcycle Tour

What comes to your mind when you say the words Rajasthan and Adventure in the same breath?
At the Jaipur Sariska Motorcycle Tour, you have it all in store for you. A complete adventure filled with riding in the open sky through the Aravali Forests of Rajasthan.
Starting from Jaipur ride into the historic town of Nayla, where traditional local markets will have the most elaborate range of arts and crafts that you can imagine. Ride further into the wilderness and rugged gravel roads into the Jamwa Valley.

The Jamwa valley is home to the ancient temple of the Mighty Jamwa goddess. Surrounded by lush green landscapes and the Rocky Mountains.

Riding further on the way on your Royal Enfield Motorcycles reach the mysterious Bhangarh Fort. The mystery around the fort surfaces as we walk into this abandoned ghost town.
The town is said to be cursed during its pinnacle years and since abandoned for nobody to be allowed inside the fort after dark.As you continue to immerse yourself in the lush green landscape on the beeline of the Sariska National Park, you reach our luxury resort.

Now it is the time to relax by the pool and reflect back on this amazing journey that transformed this day for us. What awaits us at night is the clear open sky with the stars shining down upon us.


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