The Iconic Road Trip Experience From Manali to Khardung la – The cycling expedition
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Further to our mesmerizing cycling to the majestic Himalayas, you must have read (Story Till Keylong)

 The Adventure cycling trip to Leh continues …

Keylong 3145m to Patseo 3751m

Keylong – Jispa 21kms

Jispa-Darcha 7.5kms

Darcha-Patseo 16kms

The valley in which keylong lies is dotted with small villages, shady poplar and willow trees and rivulets. This is the last permanent habitation until the villages on the far side of Taglangla La, over 250 kms away. So during the cycling tour anything to buy or to see a market, that will be here only. There are wonderful views of the glaciers on the southeast side of the valley as you cycle further to Leh.

 Jispa 3255m

The cycling expedition is challenging yet rewarding as well asThe road rises and falls to Jispa village. It’s one of the very beautiful villages to stay near the riverside or camping. Camping during the road trip to ladhak is the best options Le Tour De India do it with luxuries where you can enjoy all kind of activities like campfire and hot food along with the other travelers you might meet in the village. 

Darcha 3320m

The river meandering on the wide plain can appear particularly beautiful. After crossing the river on your bike there’s a switchback climb past the turnoff to the Zanskar Valley over the Shingo La Pass, after which the highway tracks the river of Bhaga upstream to Patseo.


things to do in lehPatseo 3751m

On the bike trip to leh, this is the place where There’s nothing except a flat ground for camping. We will go 10 kms

further away from Patseo to Zing Zing Bar. 

Patseo doesn’t seem like much but until the 1950s, it was the gathering place for traders from Zanskar, Lahaul, Kullu and Ladakh who would meet to barter salt and wool from the uplands for grains and tea from the low lands. And today this is gathering place for the  cycling, motorbikes who are riding to Leh   

Patseo 3751m to Sarchu 4408m over Baralachla La Pass 4918m

Patseo – Zing Zing Bar 10kms

Zing Zing Bar – Baralachla 22kms

Baralachla La Pass-Bharatpur 5.5 kms

Bharatpur-Sarchu 20.3 kms

Zing Zing Bar 4062m

An exotic name for a meager place. There’s a road workers’hut a d some level ground. From Zing zing bar the climb continues through a bare, rock landscape. It’s on a plain and smooth surface. 

Cycling from Manali to Leh

Baralachla La (4915m)

Brown rocks and the odd patch of snow is not the landscape you’d expect while cycling to the great Himalaya range, but that’s exactly what you will see here. The scene will clearly give you a picture of Chocolate-Vanilla layered ice-cream cone. 

You are cycling in India but You are now also 110m higher than the summit of Mount Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain. Baralachla La has yet another surprise. It’s a three-way pass joining Spiti, Ladakh, and Lahaul. The approach from the South East is an old trail from the beautiful lake of Chandra Tal and the Spiti Valley. 

The descent from the top to Bharatpur has a scenery of marbled pink mountain rising from the Yama river set off my swathes of green and glacial lakelet.

manali to leh 

Sarchu 4408m

In the late evening light, Sarchu is stunning: the Grass a vivid green, the Tarmac road, vast grounds alongside the roads and another opportunity of staying in tented camps with all the luxuries is  arranged by Le Tour De India. This place allows you to relax your cycling muscles after the rigors of the passes and prepares you for the passes ahead your biking trip to Leh. There are even small Edelweiss-like flowers growing on the verge. 

The best camping is on the canyon side beyond the tented camps.

 This is also the border between Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh: finally, you’re entering ‘The Land of Lamas’. 


Our cycling Journey to Leh has even more interesting stories to tell… and the adventure still continues….

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