How exciting a Motorbike ride can be? – Adventure tourism in India
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“Mean Machine with a Roaring sound gives you a swag when you explore on Motorbike.”

Wandering through the wonderland called India on a bike is not just a dream, it’s a feeling that only a traveler can feel. Motorcycle tours in India are a thrilling experience, takes you to places and enables one to explore the unexplored. Be it old city tours, be it riding through deserts, lakeside roads or farmlands your bike will take you everywhere. Bikers are never alone as the people are as welcoming as this land. Live on roads in the daylight and Stay with the villagers at night. Imbibe the culture and share your love with them as they share their life with you. There are numerous guided motorcycle tours available from all-inclusive types to full customisation as per requirements of the adventure seekers.

Motorcycle tours on various terrains and regions across India are the newfag of Adventure tourism in India. Among these, the Himalayan Motorcycle tours and specially Leh Ladakh motorcycle tours are quite popular because of the toughest of the terrains, best of scenic locations, highest motorable paths and a journey of true adventure

Highest Motorable road in the World

India motorbike trips
Motorcycle tours in India

Ride your motorbike to the ‘Khardung-La’ pass, in Ladakh, which is the highest motorable pass at 18,350 ft. A ladakh bullet trip is the most sought after among various motorbike trips in India. This is one of the most desired places among riders. July to September is the best time to pack your bags and plan a Leh Ladakh road trip. There are Leh ladakh road trip packages wherein we can join a gang of riders and be becoming a part of adventure trip spread across 7 to 10 days. Leh Ladakh motorcycle tour packages are mostly guided motorcycle tours. This adventure tourism on Royal Enfield bikes is all about exploring the Himalayas and its beauty. Moreover, it’s about exploring your true own strength. Most of the guided motorcycle tours are on the lines of adventure tourism in India. Of all these tours mostly they are Royal Enfield tours as these Royal Enfield bikes are the most trusted bikes in India for this kind of terrains. 

India on Motorcycle – Motorcycle Tours in India

Motorcycle tours in India
India motorbike trips

A motorcycle lets us wander in some of the best places in India. Offroad riders in Leh-Ladakh mountains, Thar desert in Rajasthan, through coffee plantations in Coorg and Munnar, to the Western Ghats. Saltwater lakes at Sambhar, Rajasthan, and Rann of Kutch at Gujarat are the most adventurous lands to ride a bike on and get some picturesque sights to capture.  Of All these places a ride into the Himalayas, a Himalayan Motorcycle tour is very special and one of the things to do for all motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure seekers in India. All these places are not too far when you have a Motorcycle. A Royal Enfield tour in India has become symbolic of adventure tourism in India

Picture Perfect Journey

adventure tourism in india
leh ladakh road trip packages

Riding a motorbike is the best possible way to capture candid life through the lenses. Welcoming people, playful kids, moods of sunsets, sitting with villagers and exchanging your lives over tea are such moments which are worth clicking only when you are open to nature & not prisoned in a four-wheeler. Any group rides or adventure tours to any part of India will surely have some scenic experiences which you will love to capture the moment and cherish it later.

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