Jaipur Mountain Biking Tour in the Aravali Mountains
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Nahargarh Rescue Center
15 College Students on a trip to India had booked a Mountain biking adventure booked with us and we entertained their request them with a thrilling experience at the Nahargarh Rescue Center, Near Amber Fort, Jaipur.

These young souls were visiting India for the first time and it has been a divine experience for all of them. Each had their own intrinsic stories to tell, one of them was a Belgian kid who was born in India.


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If one ever meets Santosh, he is a hundred percent Belgian especially when it came to his love for cycling and it was hard to find any trace of the Indian DNA, but later when you come to know of his story it is really special.

Every one of them was on a spiritual journey of their own. Travelling halfway across the world in a country like India where every single minute spent comes with a culture shock. And when you are young and adventurous enough you have the power to embrace the soul of India

Another Interesting story was that of Hilde the group Leader and our point of contact with the group for this cycling adventure. Hilde carries the vibes of a born wanderlust who loved to meet new people and discover Jaipur and its soul. Like everyone else in the group, she shared the common love for Biking and Adventure. She also had a knack of establishing very good friends with almost everyone from the group to the Tuk-Tuk drivers of Jaipur.

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Initially, the sun wasn’t as romantic and refreshing as that of Europe and the riders had a little difficulty negotiating the wildlife trails of the Nahargarh forests on a mountain bike, but soon all the young guns got used to riding a bicycle in the Aravali trails and finished the tour with much ease.

In the middle of the ride, we stopped at an ancient Shiva temple known as the Bhuteshwar Mahadev Temple. Inside the temple, everyone removed their shoes to attend the Morning Prayer ceremony led by the Temple’s high priest. Our explorers briefed the group about the Mythology and the cultural values behind the Shiva Prayer Ceremony. The keen interest taken by the group at the prayer ceremony took our teams by surprise.

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Another special attraction was a short 4×4 ride to the Rescue Center and witnessing the old tiger held at the Animal Rescue Center of the biological park. It was a great experience watching the marvelous animal near a centuries old step well built by the rulers of Amber.
Our team too was exhilarated and enjoyed the company of our Belgian guests and it was fun hosting an off-road bicycle adventure tour. Hope to see you in Jaipur soon.

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