Cycle Ride to Cow Rescue Center
Ride to cow Rescue Center

This day trip is a colorful way to discover Incredible India. An experience of riding on bicycles in the early hours of the morning, pedaling away from the chaos of the city.
While the urban population of the world is fighting over open spaces for public use, Rajasthani village like Rotwada, Jaipur stand tall as a great example of community service and individual participation. Gaushala is a kind of a rescue center for cattle, built on land collectively donated by the village folk where all the disowned street cows are adopted and taken care of.

Home for abandoned animals

A cycling experience coupled with a volunteering activity with the most loved and respected creature of India.
Home for abandoned animals

  1. Gaushala is a kind of a rescue center for cattle, where all the disowned animals are adopted and taken care of.
  2. A fulfilling experience, volunteering for the less advantaged.

The Ideal Village of Rotwada

  1. The village is self-sufficient in terms of water conservation and food supplies.
  2. Raw materials like cattle fodder used in the cow shelter produced locally by the village folk.

Cultural Walk through the Village
Learn the nuances of the traditional lifestyle of the Rotwada village.
An unparalleled experience learning from the natives about the humble and sustainable way of life.

A Fun – Filled Cycling Experience and Volunteering at the cow rescue center.

What do we give?
A day of hearty labor at the Gaushala that gives you a feeling of accomplishment when one relishes the fruit of animal serving. Assisted by the team of volunteers take a walk in the village fields picking up fresh vegetables from the farms and later spent some time in the kitchen preparing our own food with the help of the kitchen staff.

Rajasthan village Safari

What do we gain?
A day fully utilized, an experience of Mother Nature, a satisfaction of contributing to the lives of less advantaged while enjoying every minute of the day, learning a few management mantras and a day to remember, a day worth mentioning in the pages of your diary.

“Come let’s Explore the thoughtful way, the natural way, the Fun way, the Green Way.”


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