Meet the adventurers of Le Tour de India.We’re passionate about showcasing Rajasthan’s beauty through unforgettable experiences. Join us for thrilling adventures and discover the essence of Rajasthan with our dedicated team.

Suraj Meena - Explorer

After completing school education and starting college, my passion for exploring began. Sometimes, I would run through the streets of Jaipur, and sometimes I would pedal through them on my bicycle. When I saw Jaipur, it seemed like a bustling city to people, but it was after I got in touch with Le Tour de India that I discovered the real identity of Jaipur. Le Tour de India introduced me to the unknown streets of Jaipur through cycling. I love traveling, and Le Tour de India provided me with the platform to fulfill this passion. thank Le Tour de India for making my dreams come true. They chose me to introduce the identity of my Jaipur through cycling photography, and passion. I am grateful to them for that. Cycling here can turn places like Sahu Tea, Albert Hall, Flower Market, and Thatheron ka Rasta into beautiful destinations.

Jyotiraditya Singh - Explorer

I’m Jyotiraditya Singh, proud of my Rajput roots deeply entrenched in Rajasthan’s vibrant heritage. Raised with values of honor and courage, I’m passionate about exploring Rajput history and sharing our cultural legacy with the world.

Beyond my cultural pursuits, I’m a competitive clay shooter, constantly refining my skills at national tournaments. Clay shooting isn’t just physical; it’s a mental challenge I embrace with determination.

In essence, I’m a lifelong learner, driven by a love for history, tradition, culture, and sports, always seeking growth and excellence in everything I do.

Naveen Choudhary - Explorer

My name is Naveen Choudhary. I hold a postgraduate degree in Political Science and a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Child Education Psychology. My passion for cycling and photography initially led me to travel, which later became an integral part of my life. Sharing the experience of travel through media has become my hobby, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Jaipur, a city rich in heritage, culture, and natural landscapes, is essentially a dream destination for travelers and cyclists alike. The people here are friendly, and the city exudes peaceful vibes, mesmerizing visitors with its beauty every time they encounter it.

Himmat Singh Rathore - Explorer

I’m Himmat Singh Rathore, your guide to Jaipur’s wonders! Passionate about wildlife and history, I love connecting with people and sharing the vibrant stories of our city. Leaving the corporate world behind, I’ve embraced the adventure of tourism, exploring Jaipur through cycling, hiking, and camping.

Jaipur’s charm lies in its majestic forts, palaces, and temples, blending history with modern life. But it’s the warm-hearted locals and unique crafts that make this city truly special. Come, join me in discovering the magic of Jaipur!

Raghav Birla - Explorer

I’m Raghav Birla, a lawyer and explorer from Jaipur. I practice at the High Court of Rajasthan, Jaipur bench, and am deeply rooted in this beautiful Pink City.

Jaipur’s planned streets and UNESCO designation make it truly special. I’m all about embracing challenges and growing personally and professionally.

Exploring Jaipur’s streets on my bike is my passion. Join me in experiencing our city’s rich culture firsthand.