Makar Sankranti- 15th January 2020

Kite Festival of Jaipur or the Makar Sankranti is celebrated all over India but it has a special place in Jaipur’s festival calendar. It is one of the biggest festivals in Jaipur.

We have curated a whole day experience for our guests to come and enjoy this festival with locals. Stocked with umpteen Kites, manjhaas, food, and music when the entire family comes together on this day to picnic our in the open and spend the day taking in the sun and fighting the super competitive “Kite Wars”. You will see kids beg, borrow, plead and get an invite to a local’s or a friend’s all-day terrace kite flying.

On top of this enjoy the delicious delight with sweets and lunch catering to special delicacies.


1. A “Kite Market Walk” where you will see the kites being sold and colourful manjhaas being made.

2. Experience “Kite Flying” with the local family host in the beautiful walled city.

3. Enjoy delicious snacks and lunch.

4. Light some sky lanterns and fireworks at night.

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