3 Hours
Physicality / Terrain
Culture, food sampling, Old City

Jaipur Cycle Tour

Pedal to Heritage (Morning Cycle Tour) is one of our flagship activities in Jaipur. It is an interesting way to explore the ancient culture and architecture of Jaipur on a bike.

We start our cycle tour from the walled city, traditional known as Parkota” in the local language. We will gaze at the main roads with rows of vibrant pink-terracotta buildings. The whole ambience seems so soothing and welcoming to the eye. Moreover, the slow ride allows you to appreciate its architectural style- if you have an eye for details.

Biking and unravelling the secrets that this historic mystic city beholds. It’s a luxury you can experience only during your morning Jaipur cycle tour. Later the place will be jam-packed with the bustling vehicle when the city awakes.

Leisurely Cycling In Jaipur against the calm, pink buildings, With Our proficient lead explorer who will introduce you to the various delicacies and wonders of the walled city, and try to resolve your queries on Culture, Heritage, Architecture, religion, Cuisine and daily lifestyle of “Jaipurites” during this 3 hours of Jaipur Cycle Tour.

Theme: Your bicycle tour is designed to give you a traditional perspective of how morning time develops in Jaipur’s beautiful and historic city.

Things To Do during Jaipur Cycle Tour

For food lovers: Experience Jaipur’s Best food Joints like a local, ride your bike to some of the most sought-after and highly acclaimed food joints. The food outlets are prime. And are famous for their inherent art of preparing delicacies. They are an account of the rich food culture in the Pink City. Above all, this provides you with the much-required energy for the morning bicycle tour of the pink city.

For the wanderlust: Hop on a bike and manoeuvre the streets like a Jaipurite through the old Havelis (Private Mansions) and sacred Temples within the streets of the walled city of Jaipur. Participate in the morning prayers with the devotees in the palace temples.

A unique experience: An adventurous Sightseeing of Jaipur on a bicycle where you discover what one might miss out on while in the car. We get a chance to start the day like a Jaipurite does every morning.

 Detailed Itinerary
6:15 am

Meeting Point

Le Tour De India

We begin our Jaipur Bike tour from “Le Tour De India” (Centrally Located For Google location – https://goo.gl/maps/ZhAz1Juqymx8h4xA8). Here you are introduced with our Lead explorers and bikes, with a short briefing about the tour, the route, dos and don’ts.

Enter the walled city

We enter the Historical walled city painted in pink which explains the sobriquet “Pink City”. The Bicycle Tour of Jaipur is a cultural connection combined with rich architecture, top food joints of Jaipur and friendly people, as we ride through narrow streets of the city passing through vintage Havelis, and several other architectural marvels meeting and greeting the locals here we reach to Sahoo Chai wala whose family has been preparing traditional Indian tea (called Chai) for the last 3 generations. The tea here is refreshing as well as very filling due to their specific secret recipe of slow boiling milk on the traditional charcoal stove, which gives it a unique taste. Also, enjoy seeing the local community involved in morning gossip and conversation.

7:00 am

Aarti at the Palace Temple

The Govind Dev Ji Temple

We will then head to Govind Dev Ji temple dedicated to the Indian Godhead Lord Krishna. Getting close to the temple, we manoeuvre bikes through the pedestrians rushing to attend the grand ceremony. As you enter the grand temple of Govind Dev Ji you can feel an uplifting spiritual experience that looks so welcoming in the morning. A good community of devotees is busy preparing for the traditional Aarti (vesper service and devotional hymns). As the main deity’s curtains are about to open the people start ringing the traditional humongous bells. Feel the depth of the sound emanating from the bells and striking a chord with your heart. The Aarti or main worship is equally exhilarating and charming. One just gets mesmerized by the song when hundreds of devotees sing at the same time with lighted wicks before the sacred idol of Lord Krishna.

7:30 am

LifeStyle of 'Jaipurite'

We will then take a walk through the public park meeting and interacting with the locals and we do get a chance to participate in laughing yoga with people, We further enter the biggest vegetable and flower market of Jaipur.  It is a wholesale market where you can see a number of traders busy negotiating, conversing with the merchants, and ladies in their colourful attire carrying huge sacks of vegetables on their heads and the traditional Indian pushcarts. At the leisurely speed of the cycle, the whole scene reminds you of those old times merchant markets in the children’s stories.

8:00 am

Secret Tunnel

Somewhere in this line, there is a narrow lane that could be called a secret way to the main road on the other side. This could also be termed as a hidden tunnel deliberately planned by the far-sighted kings of Jaipur.

The tunnel ends at the other side and you find yourself sniffing the air full of freshly fried fritters at the famous Jagannath Pakori wala. Pakori is the Indian fritter deep fried in the oil and very crispy when you eat. It is among the most famous fritter shops in India and you can see the workers frying the fritters in a huge traditional charcoal stove. We make a brief stop at a very popular tea seller’s rooftop settlement above a sweet shop. With the best Fritters (Pakoras) in the town, we enjoy tea on a rooftop and admire the most planned old city in India.

8:30 am

Ride Through The Corridors

The best part of this Guided bicycle tour comes when we ride in the historical spices and sweets market corridors.

Although the shops are shut in the spices market we get the strong aroma passing the closed shutters.

As we enter God’s own street, another heritage market of India where one can still feel the lingering aura of heritage even amidst the hustle and bustle of the street. The rhythmic sounds of hammers and tools present a bit loud yet soothing music. The artisans are busy sculpting the images of Hindu Deities. The street presents a fine blend of spirituality and art.

9:00 am

Lassi Wala

The food tour of Jaipur is not complete if we do not stop at a famous Lassi Wala (churned yoghurt shakes). The Lassi outlet was built in the independence era just outside the walled city. We conclude our bike tour with a glass of Lassi.

As this lovely bicycle safari ends here we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Jaipur memoirs.

  1. Bottle of Mineral Water.
  2. Good geared Bicycle (Trek, Giant, Marida are the barnds we use).
  3. Good Quality Helmets.
  4. One experienced bicycle captain leading the riders and one tour escort following the riding party to make sure all are riding safely.
  5. A Support Vehicle following the riders with a backup Cycle.
  6. Food and local cuisine tasting to tingle your taste buds prepared with our various food associates famous for their inherent art of preparing delicacies which are an account to the rich food culture in the Pink City
  • Lassi (Churned Yogurt Shake)
  • Tea
  • Traditional potato, chili fritters and much more.
 Terms and Conditions- :
  1. We hold the right to club bookings from different sources adding up to a group size of 10 persons.
  2. Please note Transfers from the hotel to start and the endpoint is not included in the above cost.
  3. Late turn-up for more than 30 minutes from the scheduled meeting time will be considered as No Show.

 Package Cost

 INR 2600 per person

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    July 6, 2023

    We started the tour and this guy, Archite was a big nuisance. He was the owner of the company and to our surprise what a poor delivery. When we asked few question he completely lost is track and started taking something else. The tour claimed to witness houses, food sampling and yoga but we missed the yoga part. When asked Archite said our driver is calling him. Our only advise to this gentlemen is learn and respect our own business. We did similar tour in Delhi and it was an excellent one.More

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