Jaipur is a Heritage city with Rich culture tradition and heritage. Riding a bicycle is a great way to discover a city. Pedal tours provide you a sea of opportunities to discover a city as it is known to its natives. * Cycle Tour in Jaipur Cycle Tour in Jaipur the pink city Rajasthan. *
There are numerous untold stories about a city, which you come to learn when you are on a bicycle, you not only discover a place but see the real colors of this vibrant historic city.

A bicycle tour can be a great way to discover Jaipur and have an experience that you might miss out while in a car. The morning city bicycle tour is designed to give a traditional perspective of the Jaipur Morning time in the beautiful and historical city of Jaipur.

It is an exploration cum historic experience tour of the old city of Jaipur. On bicycles where we pedal through the old city’s narrow lanes as we ride through the pages of history. Get to catch a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Jaipur’s local and also learn how the morning time develops in the city of Jaipur.

Ride your bikes to the palace temple and participate in the morning Shringar Aarti with the locals. Cycling tours also include short walks like in the local farmer’s vegetable market where you try to bargain and buy some fresh organic fruits and vegetables like a local.

For food lovers: Experience the Jaipur street food like a local, ride your bike through to some of most sought after and highly acclaimed food joints. The food outlets are handpicked for your city ride to provide you the much-required energy for the bicycle tour of the pink city.

The Real exploration of Jaipur: Hop on a bike and maneuver the streets like a Jaipurite through the old Havelis (Private Mansions) and sacred Temples within the streets of the walled city of Jaipur. Participate in the morning prayers with the devotees in the palace temples.

The Cycling tour of Jaipur is growing up to be one of a unique popular way to discover the Pink City. The enigma unravels as one traverses through the mystic narrow lanes. Travellers who opt for the cycling tour describe the experience as a fresh new way to engage with the local culture and practices. And who was once a stranger, becomes a part of the city.
A bike tour is a great way to break away from the annoyance of regular group tours in India. It is the most peaceful way to enjoy your holiday without the bustle of commercial tourism. Why travel halfway across the world just to end up in an equally chaotic environment.

A city bike tours give a local perspective to the visitor. The traveler can see from the native’s point of view how the mood of the city develops and what do the locals love about their city which is not just limited to the tourist spots.
India is a land of legends and stories. The Tales can be of heroic kings and stories of some of the greatest wars ever fought. When you are on a bike you get to listen to these stories from the real people that can be any one from a temple priest to a naive housewife.

Le Tour De India has been conducting city tours in Jaipur, Udaipur and 10 – 15 Days long cycling tours across Rajasthan for the past 4 years.

Discover Rajasthan on bicycles while staying at luxury forts and palaces. Rajasthan is the land of varied rich culture and traditions and this land will be best explored on a bicycle.
Riding a bicycle provides you a direct perspective into the way the people of Rajasthan live and love this land.

Rajasthan Cycling Tours by Le Tour De India

Rajasthan Cycling Tours by LetourdeIndia
Rajasthan is the land of chivalry and royalty. Along with its rich heritage and vibrant culture, Rajasthan is a cycling heaven for the vast landscape and untouched trails in the Aravali Range.

Le Tour De India organizes guided bespoke cycling tours across Rajasthan along the less traveled country roads passing villages and forests all the way to Agra, the land of Taj Mahal.

Le Tour De India provides high-end mountain bikes that are very responsive through the rusty Aravali terrain.
Cycle across Rajasthan with an experienced tour leader and stay at luxury forts and palaces now converted into heritage hotels.

Rajasthan Village Cycle Safari – Jaipur to Samode

Rajasthan Village Cycle Safari – Jaipur to Samode

Countryside Biking Tour near Jaipur, discovering the real Indian village culture and experiencing the life of the land first hand with the unique perspective of riding a bicycle. The endearing process that cycling is, it puts you right into a plethora of cultural and traditions of Rajasthan.

There is so much to be discovered in Rajasthan, yet there is a cobweb of too much commerce around the usual tourist cycles. The really exuberant experience will be the one where you are a part of the life-long festival that is the spirit of this land.

Riding countryside roads near Jaipur, on mountain bikes with a devoted cycling tour captain extremely well equipped with the knowledge of biking trails that lead all the way to the historic land of Samode.

Bike Ride to Nahargarh in Jaipur

Bike Ride to Nahargarh in Jaipur
Ride your bikes to the Mighty Nahargarh Fort in the Jaipur. Enjoy the panoramic view of the glorious city, enjoy the aerial view of the beautiful pink city from the top of the Nahargarh Fort.

This ride is also a great way to enjoy the nature while we ride through the forest trails, get a chance to take pictures of some of the rarest migratory birds that grace these forests during the winter months.

Biking through several hairpin curves, to the top of the hill and later through canal roads. The Canal is a 400-year-old water conservation system that once was the life line for the cities of Amber and Jaipur.

Bike Ride to Harsh Parvat near Sikar

Bike Ride to Harsh Parvat near Sikar

The Harsh is the second highest peak in Rajasthan and is home to a 1000-year-old ancient Shiva temple that was once destroyed in a war later restored to similar glory.

Just a hundred kilometer from Jaipur and 13 kilometers from the base that provides scenic mountain views and a very strenuous climb all the way to the top at the Harsh Parvat Summit.

On reaching the top one can stay at the forest department guest house which is available on request. Decent accommodation at the base of the climb is also available.

The Aravali Adrenaline Rush – Thaar

Organized locally by the Jaipur Cycling Comrades Club, This three-day cycling extravaganza is designed to give you a fairy tale experience of the ancient royal tradition of Jaipur.

“THAAR” is for those who’d love to relive the bygone era of Forts and Palaces by pedaling through. So get ready for the enthralling Cycling challenge amidst world’s oldest and mightiest Aravali ranges.

Thaar 2016 has two categories, which includes a 250-kilometer road race through a grueling route consisting cobbled paths and gravel roads as well as scenic rolling terrain through the Sariska National Park. The second one is thrilling 125-kilometer MTB Race through the low-lying Aravalli range near Jaipur.

Bike Trip to Bhangarh and Sariska

Bike Trip to Bhangarh and Sariska

A Cycling Safari to the back roads of the Aravalli through Bhangarh Fort, Ramgarh Lake and Nayla through forests of Sariska and Bhangarh. Ride across the Aravalli Range through the historic city of Nayla and majestic grasslands of the Jamwa Valley.

This ride is an undulating yet thrilling experience where ride both off and on road along this scenic route, even through gravel roads crossing the Jamwa Valley and forest lands on the edge of the Sariska National Park.
Spinning into various switchbacks and reach the forests of Bhangarh and Sariska. Enjoy a wonderful wildlife safari in the Sariska National Park later retire in a casual inn right in the middle of the forest. Enjoy and admire the clear night sky in the wilderness.

Overnight accommodations after this grueling ride will be provided by Le Tour De India in luxury Swiss tents on sharing basis.

Wildlife Cycling in Nahargarh Rescue Center

Wildlife Cycling in Nahargarh Rescue Center
Just a few kilometers away from Amber near Jaipur is the Nahargarh Biological Park. A mountain biker’s heaven.
This ride is a thrill and spills galore while you enjoy the scenic landscape of the Nahargarh Forest. A high chance to spot some of the rarest species of migratory birds in the Ram Sagar Lake.

Supported by Le Tour De India with a well-experienced road captain. A team of support staff that takes care of important necessities such as nutrition and hydration.

The Nahargarh Rescue Center is also rehabilitation for endangered species of animals. Mainly tigers rescued from circuses from across the country.

Udaipur Jhadol Bike Safari

Udaipur Jhadol Bike Safari

A bike ride in Udaipur can be a unique way to discover this city. You begin riding from downtown Udaipur early in the morning and ride along the country roads to the nearby tribal village of Jhadol.

Udaipur, the Venice of the East also known as the city of lakes is the most romantic city in India.
Bike trip to Jhadol Tribal Village is an enriching experience while you ride the undulation country roads through village
field and protected forests to meet the preservers of nature. This tribe has preserved its ancient ways to live their lives without disrupting the environment.

Nahargarh Rescue Center
15 College Students on a trip to India had booked a Mountain biking adventure booked with us and we entertained their request them with a thrilling experience at the Nahargarh Rescue Center, Near Amber Fort, Jaipur.

These young souls were visiting India for the first time and it has been a divine experience for all of them. Each had their own intrinsic stories to tell, one of them was a Belgian kid who was born in India.


Cycling adventures trip in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Fixed Departure tour

If one ever meets Santosh, he is a hundred percent Belgian especially when it came to his love for cycling and it was hard to find any trace of the Indian DNA, but later when you come to know of his story it is really special.

Every one of them was on a spiritual journey of their own. Travelling halfway across the world in a country like India where every single minute spent comes with a culture shock. And when you are young and adventurous enough you have the power to embrace the soul of India

Another Interesting story was that of Hilde the group Leader and our point of contact with the group for this cycling adventure. Hilde carries the vibes of a born wanderlust who loved to meet new people and discover Jaipur and its soul. Like everyone else in the group, she shared the common love for Biking and Adventure. She also had a knack of establishing very good friends with almost everyone from the group to the Tuk-Tuk drivers of Jaipur.

Jaipur Adventur Tour

Initially, the sun wasn’t as romantic and refreshing as that of Europe and the riders had a little difficulty negotiating the wildlife trails of the Nahargarh forests on a mountain bike, but soon all the young guns got used to riding a bicycle in the Aravali trails and finished the tour with much ease.

In the middle of the ride, we stopped at an ancient Shiva temple known as the Bhuteshwar Mahadev Temple. Inside the temple, everyone removed their shoes to attend the Morning Prayer ceremony led by the Temple’s high priest. Our explorers briefed the group about the Mythology and the cultural values behind the Shiva Prayer Ceremony. The keen interest taken by the group at the prayer ceremony took our teams by surprise.

Wildlife Cycling in Rajasthan

Another special attraction was a short 4×4 ride to the Rescue Center and witnessing the old tiger held at the Animal Rescue Center of the biological park. It was a great experience watching the marvelous animal near a centuries old step well built by the rulers of Amber.
Our team too was exhilarated and enjoyed the company of our Belgian guests and it was fun hosting an off-road bicycle adventure tour. Hope to see you in Jaipur soon.

Road Bicycle adventure Tour

Pedal to Heritage – Jaipur Cycling Tour

Exciting new way to discover Jaipur!!!!

Pedal to heritage is Le Tour De India’s flagship tour and growing to be one of the most featured activities for tourists visiting Jaipur.

It’s a unique way to explore the pink city by waking up the way this beautiful city does.
An interesting way to rediscover the ancient culture and architecture of Jaipur on a bike.

Cycling adventures trip in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Fixed Departure tour

This bicycle tour is designed to give you a traditional perspective of how the morning time develops in the beautiful historical walled city of Jaipur.

Leisure activity for all
A private bicycle tour through the old city of Jaipur.
Starts early in the morning with the first ray of sun to avoid the chaos of city Traffic.

A Memorable Experience
Hop on a bike and maneuver the streets like a Jaipurite through the old Havelis(Private Mansions)
Participate in the morning prayers with the devotees in the palace temples.

Explore the unexplored
A bespoke bicycle tour where you discover what one might miss out while in the car.
A culture connection combined with traditional cuisine and interaction with the locals.

Pedal to Heritage – A brief
Welcome to the journey that celebrates the land and its people. A ride that envelopes you gently with the sights, historical streets with flavors and the incense of the walled city of Jaipur.

These streets are renowned for the inherent culture of 17th-century private mansions and sacred temples within the walled city of Jaipur.

Riding through the secret bylanes of the old city passing many traditional food alleys. Attend the morning prayer ceremony at a local Krishna Temple where hundreds of devotees flock every day to participate in the prayer ceremony.
Take a short walk in the market area and admire the architecture and culture of this beautiful city.

“Come let’s Explore, the Green Way.”

Rajasthan Village Cycle safari India Tour

Enjoy and admire the landscape on two wheels with a mix of everything that India has to offer to a traveler. The mighty forts, majestic palaces, the abundant Havelis and village folk performing their arts full of vibrant colors and traditions of one the most culturally rich people in the world.

Rajasthan Cycling Holiday Packages

Rajasthan fixed Departure Cycling Tour

The melancholy of the landscape elevates as the lake-side is brought to life with the glory of the setting sun. Traversing through this “royal” state on a bicycle is an exhilarating excursion.
An experience through the villages of low lying Aravalli range of Jaipur’s countryside.

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Unique cultural experience
Ride through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the heart of Rajasthan.
Spinning along unexplored country roads through mustard fields makes you think that you’re riding in a pool of gold.

Breathtaking architecture of Samode and the thriving culture of its walled confines.
Home to the Samode palace build in the 17 century by the rulers of the Amber kingdom.
The Indo-Saracen architecture of the palace and the hospitality of the people here is simply spellbinding.

Get up close with nature
The ecology of the Aravali is one of the most distinct in the world.
Get a chance to spot migratory species of birds not easily found anywhere else in the world.
Develop the spirit of love for nature.

Rajasthan Cycling Tours by Le Tour De India
Classic, Heritage and Royal cycling tours across Rajasthan.

Explore the Classic Rajasthan on bicycles, riding through some of the most beautiful country roads in India. A leisure cycling adventure expedition in the glorious state of Rajasthan.
A bicycle expedition that takes us on a memorable journey through the Mighty forts, magnificent palaces and the peaceful and spiritual temples. Discovering and understanding the lifestyle of culturally opulent people of Rajasthan.

An Expedition where you ride your bicycle through unexplored and some of the most scenic routes in the Rajasthani Countryside.

Rajasthan Cycling Holiday Packages

Rajasthan fixed Departure Cycling Tour

Classic Rajasthan on Cycles
Biking across Rajasthan is not just about cycling but an experience in itself.
On a bicycle, interact with the locals who always feel obliged to host a traveler for a cup of tea and have their own intrinsic stories to share.

Royal Rajasthan on Cycles
Ride leisurely spinning through the country roads of Rajasthan to the exotic destinations which are unheard of in the usual tourist circuit.
Gel with the natives, observe their ways to learn their old school techniques to live in coherence with nature.Rajasthan Villages

Heritage Rajasthan on Cycles
Ride at your own pace through the country roads to observe the marvelous architecture of palaces and forts in Rajasthan.
Get a closer view of the much-advanced construction techniques applied since ages.

Stay at Royal Destinations
Get to stay at some of the most exotic forts and palaces of Rajasthan.
Experience the royal hospitality of the Royal families of Rajasthan.
Away from the hustle of the cities, luxury palaces turned hotels at the offbeat destination.